What sets Let it Flows exteriors apart from the rest 

Getting the exterior of your house to look attractive and well-maintained is the second step to boosting curb appeal and value. The first step is finding a trusted and qualified company to do the work for you. Companies like Let it Flow Exteriors in Edmonton guarantee just that.

As a professional exterior renovation company, they offer everything from eavestrough, soffits, fascia, siding, and faux stone. They share more about what sets their services apart from the rest with their quality and attention to detail:

Custom eavestrough corners

Eavestroughs play a big role in keeping your home safe from water damage and keeping curb appeal high. While a little detail on an overall home, having custom corners creates a sleek, clean, finished look that can’t be beaten. Let it Flow Exteriors installs their custom eavestrough corners with the tabs hidden inside to ensure that smooth look. Imagine the style of a picture frame and apply that same picture-perfect appeal to your home’s eavestroughing.


All gutter systems should have downspouts to help direct any water accumulation away from the home’s foundation. Installing coloured downspouts is a great way to add visual interest to your home. It can highlight certain features of the home or just draw the eye. Aside from colours, a good downspout also needs to be wide enough to support that water drain. With Let it Flow exteriors, they install large 3″x3″ downspouts that support 30% more water drainage and lowers the risk of clogging.

They also use a hoop system instead of the standard hooks on most downspouts to ensure stronger support. Let it Flow Exteriors then installs a custom brackets to attach the downspout to the home as a final touch. That creates a much cleaner finish, so your home’s exterior only has crisp lines and edges with high curb appeal.


Photo left: hoop system for downspout flip-ups. Photo right: Custom bracket.

Robust gutters

Regular gutter maintenance, repairs, and even upgrades are all important steps to keeping your home protected from water damage. When a gutter becomes clogged or damaged, it can’t properly direct water and risks causing costly problems.

Let it Flow Exteriors only uses aluminum on their gutters, hangers, and downspouts. Aluminum unlike steel does not rust, which means the lifespan of the entire system is much longer as there is no chance of leaks forming due to corrosion. Over time, you’ll save more money and enjoy better peace of mind than with other types of gutter systems. Their professionals also use a hidden hanger with a galvanized screw with a rubber washer which not only holds the gutters into place but seals the whole as well to furthermore prevent leaking. This results in a much stronger, longer-lasting gutter system.

Eavestroughs in Edmonton

Let it Flow Exteriors prides themselves on providing quality at every step of every project. From giving advice, using the right materials and methods to ensuring long-lasting results, there’s quality at every step. Their professionals offer a full range of exterior services and areas, including Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, St. Albert, Wabamun, and Lac Ste. Anne. If you need eavestrough installation services, trust the professionals at Let it Flow Exteriors.

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