What you get when you hire a painter

When renovating your home, getting a fresh coat of paint on the walls can change how a room feels. Changing the colour of the walls dictates the tone of the space. Whether you go with neutral or bold colours, painting the walls can be a simple, but daunting task. Why not save time and stress by hiring a painter? Painters provide many services along with simply painting the walls.

Integra Painting in Edmonton is one of the companies in Edmonton that provides full scope of work in your home. Not only will they prep your walls, fix any cracks and freshen your walls with a new coat or two of paint, but in the process they will make sure your belongings are protected throughout the process.

They can create a proper feature wall

Integra Painting is a distributor for Valpaint products in Canada. Valpaint products range from a high-quality paint to plaster like wall coatings, used to create a variety of effects – glow in the dark, cement like effect, marble or even sparkly walls. They offer both the product and the installation, so you are completely covered when you decide to go with any of the styles.

Why choose Valpaint wall paint?

  • Unique look
  • Over 21 different products, multiple finishes and hundreds of colors to choose from
  • In house install
  • Can be applied to any horizontal or vertical surface
  • Can be applied in any space (residential or commercial)
  • Low or zero VOC
  • High durability and washability
  • Easy repair

When you choose a Valpaint design, they will continue with the usual painting process they have in place.

They keep your belongings safe

Before cracking open that can of paint, painters will ensure your belongings are covered. They go through many precautionary steps to make sure that the only place the paint goes is on the walls. They will move and cover furniture, light fixtures, and tape around baseboards. As well, they will thoroughly cover the flooring to prevent paint from staining them. They clean during and after the job is complete, making your life easier, and keeping your home clean.

They repair the surfaces

Painters do more than one might think. An important step before painting as well is fixing the surface that will be painted. The surface that is being painted is inspected for any problem areas that will affect the final product. The painters will first fix any issues with drywall or wall textures. In doing so, this ensures that the walls are smooth, even, and free of holes.

Of course, they paint the walls

Painters have experience in painting walls and ceilings and will make sure that the job is done right. Not only will this save you the time and stress of doing it yourself, but you’ll know that the finished product will be great. Through the many different stages of priming, taping, and painting, your house will have a fresh coat of paint, and one less thing to consider in the renovation.

Painters in Edmonton

Integra Painting Edmonton provides painting services for residential, commercial, home builders, and contractors in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Integra Painting commits to providing high-quality paint finishes, outstanding customer service, and meticulous care of your space and belongings throughout the duration of the job.

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