What You Need to Know Before Remodeling Your Space



Your home remodel should be a reflection of your style and personality. It should be a comfortable retreat from the busyness of life, designed to suite the lifestyle of you and your family and a place you find aesthetically pleasing too.  Whether you’re just changing the floors or wall colour, or are doing a major kitchen, bathroom or basement remodel, there are lots of things to consider.


Your flooring is one of the first things you’ll notice when you walk into the house.  The floors take the brunt of your walking, playing, sitting and standing and you should choose flooring that suites the use of each room and your lifestyle.  Does the room you’re installing new flooring in see a lot of traffic?  Do you have children and pets?  Do you need it to be durable or maintenance free, or are you in the position to care for a high end floor?

Hardwood floors offer warmth and the classic traditional look only wood can offer. They do require a bit of maintenance and upkeep and could warp or gap in humid conditions.  If you live in a humid climate, ask your contractor or flooring installer about moisture barrier for protection.

Ceramic and natural stone tiles are a great option for the bathroom or kitchen. They are strong and resistant to staining, look great and really increase your homes resale value.

Vinyl is the most resilient and versatile flooring option. It can be installed easily and over other floors like concrete, ceramic or wood. Vinyl is water resistant, so you can blindly install it in any kind of room.

Other options like linoleum and laminates are also available. You can also go for wall-to-wall carpeting for a vibrant look and soft comfort. But before you go ahead with any option, make sure the drywall is installed properly.

Wall Paint / Wallpaper

Changing the wall paint or wallpaper of any space can instantly transform its look and feel. You can use light colours for an airy feel, or you can go the other way by using dark colours to make a room warm and cosy.

Choosing between wall paint and wallpaper can be tricky. Paint is usually more affordable than wallpaper, and is also easier to apply. You can get unique textured patterns and high-end finishes. On the other hand, wallpaper has a longer life. It can last up to 15 years, and withstand washing and scrubbing. Depending on what your needs are, you should be able to make a choice. Better yet, get a professional to assess everything and decide what will be best for you. Plus, with a professional service, you won’t even have to worry about installation.

Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen should accommodate your needs when it comes to cooking, dining and storage. An aesthetically pleasing kitchen is an added perk. Your biggest concern will be cabinets. Get in touch with a professional renovation service and go over all your options.

Your next consideration is the square footage. Does your kitchen have room for an island? Can you fit in a prep sink? How high should your countertops be? Make the kitchen as open and usable as possible.

Electrical and plumbing lines will have to be installed in the kitchen. Your electrical system should be able to accommodate the lighting and appliances needed. The plumbing should be top-notch – it has to handle all the washing and garbage disposal.

Bathroom Remodeling

The most popular reason for renovating a bathroom is to add value to your home, but that shouldn’t be your only concern. Make your bathroom a place of relaxation and meditation.

Water is everywhere in a bathroom. Make sure the tiles you install are textured to provide traction. If you have children, install taps and showers that are easy to turn on and off. Your bathroom should be well-lit – you don’t want to stub your toe against the cabinet or slip because you couldn’t see where you were going.

Fortunately, the safety measures are not the only thing you need to consider. If you like long showers, splurge on a nice walk-in one. Get a large ornamental mirror to give the space a luxurious look. You can also place potted plants, provided your bathroom receives plenty of sunlight.

Basement Remodeling

Don’t let your basement end up as a storage den, with cobwebs and creepy lighting for a horror movie look. You can turn it into a comfortable space for entertaining guests, a recreation room for the kids, a home office – the possibilities are endless.

Lighting is a major concern – if there is not a lot of natural light coming in, make sure the basement is well-lit through artificial lights. Paint the ceiling with a light color for the impression of added height. If you’re considering making a bathroom in the basement, check whether the main drain of your plumbing is underground or above ground. If it’s above the basement level, you will need to install a grinder and a pump for water to go up in the pipes.

Remodeling a space, be it your home or a commercial center, takes time and expertise. Here are Edmonton’s Best Basement Renovation Companies.

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