What you should know about flooring warranties

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While there is no guarantee that you’ll use or need your flooring warranty, it’s still important to know and understand your warranty.

Warranties vary by flooring type, region and even lifestyle, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. When you’re shopping for warranties, you’ll always want to read the fine print. Some warranties provide five years of coverage while others provide lifetime coverage. You’ll also want to consider your lifestyle. For example, if you have pets and you want to purchase carpet, consider a warranty that covers pet stains.

The following are the general types of coverage included in flooring warranties:

Wear Warranty

A wear warranty is the most common type of flooring warranty and covers foot traffic and use.

Manufacturing Warranty

A manufacturing warranty covers defects made by the manufacturer and is separate from a retailer warranty.

Stain Warranty

Stain warranties are effective when you follow proper care and maintenance instructions to guarantee coverage.

Installation Warranty

A warranty that protects you from any installation mistakes will help guarantee the quality of workmanship is professional. You want to be confident that if you don’t love your new floor, a retailer will provide the fix at no service cost.

Monarch Carpet One Floor & Home’s easy-to-understand warranty system offers incredible levels of protection. Ranging from Bronze to Titanium, you’re sure to find the perfect warranty to fit your lifestyle. And if you’re looking for absolute assurance that you’ve made the right selection, we offer The Beautiful Guarantee – a one-of-a-kind guarantee, that ensures you’ll love your floor or we’ll replace it for free.

Take time to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of a warranty with the help of an expert at Carpet One Floor & Home. Selecting a warranty should not be a rushed or uninformed decision. You’ll want to choose a warranty that aligns with your specific floor type, guarantees protection for many years and one that gives you peace of mind.

To learn more about our warranties and flooring options contact or visit Monarch (1953) Carpet One Floor & Home.


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