When you need drain vs sewer cleaning

While sewers and drains may seem like they are one and the same, they actually play different roles. This also means that when something goes wrong or one needs cleaning, the solution will vary. Knowing these differences will help keep your home safe, clean, and avoid costly water damage problems!

Hashtag Plumbingin Vancouver is a professional plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance company. They share when you need to clean your drains and when your sewer line might need attention.

When do you need your drains cleaned?

Think of drain cleaning as cleaning that takes place within your home, specifically for those individual drains. Anything you flush down the sink or toilet will pass through your drains first, before reaching the sewer lines. The most common reason a drain will become clogged is that something was flushed or rinsed down the sink that shouldn’t have been. Things such as grease, hair, food, or other oils, can cause a blockage. When this happens, it’s better to call in a professional to help.

A blockage may seem like an easy fix, but the wrong tools can just as easily worsen the problem. Using chemical drain cleaners can start to damage your drains and cause bigger problems later. You can keep your drains clean as a preventative measure with a few safe DIY drain cleaning solutions. With a professional, they’ll have the right tools and experience to clear and clean those drains quickly. If all your drains are showing problems, though, it’s a sewer line problem.

What is sewer cleaning?

Sewer drains are part of your home’s overall water system and connect to the main city sewer lines. These lines take all the water and accumulation from the drain lines and carry it away. Much like a drain, sewers can get clogged by flushing the wrong things down the lines. Grease is a primary culprit for clogging sewers and one that can cause costly repairs if the blockage causes damage.

Unlike drains, though, sewers can also become clogged or damaged from tree roots growing into the joints and blocking waste. Also, if the soil surrounding the pipe loosens or breaks, it causes the pipe to sag. If this happens, waste is more likely to get trapped in the sag and cause a buildup. The sewer line will need to be opened, and the clog cleared to fix the problem. This can be DIYed, but it’s always safer and quicker to call in the professionals.

Tell-tale warning signs

Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your drains clean, but it’s still important to recognize any warning signs. A slow drain is an obvious sign of trouble, but especially if the issue keeps reoccurring. If more than one drain is working slowly, you have a sewer line blockage. If you flush your toilet and find water backing up in your sink or bathtub, you also have a blockage, but this is drain blockage. This sort of issue should be handled quickly; otherwise, it risks unwanted water returning wherever it can. Another tell-tale sign is bad smells coming from your drains, especially sewer smells. This means that trapped water is mixing with trapped decomposing substances in your pipes.

Hiring a professional will not only help clean your drains and sewer, but they’ll help keep it clear. Proactive maintenance and regular checks will minimize the risk of blockages occurring. They will also help save money from unexpected and costly emergency plumbing needs.

Plumbers in Vancouver

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