How to spruce up your landscaping for summer

With the coming summer season, you may be looking to make some changes to your home, not only for curb appeal but functionality and family living. Here are some ways you can spruce up your landscaping for summer, from the landscapers at Sequoia Landscaping in Vancouver.

Spring clean-up

With all the damage to your landscaping a Canadian winter can cause, you may be in need of assistance. Landscapers can help with the first step of your landscaping: the clean-up. It’s important to start designing with a clean slate to give you a full picture of what you’re looking at and will help begin the landscaping process.

Lawn and garden

When you think of landscaping, one of the first things that may come to mind is the lawn and gardening components. Landscapers will be able to ensure that your space gets the necessary boost it may need. This could include the installation of a new lawn, or assistance with planning, designing, and implementing a new flowerbed. The possibilities are endless and can be made to fit your own personal style.

If gardening or flowers are a passion of yours, it may be a fun idea to include the installation of a vertical garden or flower wall. Not only is it a talking piece for guests, but it adds to the overall look of your outdoor space. This landscaping can add to your property value as well.

Hedge and tree maintenance

Hedges and trees, by this time, may have overgrown during the spring season. Getting those under control and shapes in an appropriate way is a job a landscaper can gladly help with. It’s one less headache for you and will improve your home’s curb appeal.

Fences and decks

A new fence or deck can be that feature you need to tie everything together. With Sequoia’s experienced employees, you can let your creative mind run wild. Not only can a fence be customized to the material, shape, and style you want. A deck also has endless possibilities. It can be tailor-made to add extra space to entertain or relax in your home. Building a deck comes with many decisions and ways to make it your own, including the addition of a shade shelter, a fire pit, benches, flower spaces, and much more. A new fence or deck is a great summer project to add to the look and use of your home.

Landscapers in Vancouver

Sequoia Landscapers are dedicated to superior landscaping services in residential installations, complete garden and lawn maintenance, fence & deck installations, and excavation services. They are committed to excellence in every project regardless of size and scope.

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