Why attention to detail and prep work is key in painting 

Painting is often seen as a DIY job that is quick and easy to do. However, there are a few extra steps involved that mean the difference between an okay finish and a professional finish. Attention to the little details and proper prep work are two key elements to follow in every painting job.

Deluxe Painting Ltd. in Edmonton is a professional interior and exterior painting company. They share more about what makes for a professional-looking painting job:

Creates a smoother finish

Painting prep work involves steps like sanding down the surface, cleaning it to remove dust and dirt, and applying painter’s tape. Taking those extra steps means that the wall is both clean and smooth, and ready for the paint. Without anything to damage the paint, it will go on smoother and dry without any marks. It’s tempting to skip these steps, especially during a DIY job, but the results are well worth the effort.

The paint last longer

Another benefit of painting prep is the paint itself will last longer than painting an unprepared wall. Little pieces of dirt or bumps on the wall risk the paint drying unevenly and flaking off prematurely. It can also crack in areas where the paint dries out faster than other sections. Instead of a newly painted wall that you can enjoy for years to come, you may be facing a repainting job after a few months. Not only is it wasted time, but it’s also wasted money. 

Attention to detail

Taking your time when painting and filling on those little areas of a room are what really makes a big difference. Trim, for example, takes a steady hand and patience to carefully and properly paint. It’s worth the effort since trim can be used to add accent colours or decoration to highlight the room. This type of careful attention is also what will give your room that professional-painted look. If you aren’t DIYing, then look for professionals who pay that special attention when painting. 

Attention to paint 

Paying attention to the steps and painting process is important, but the same goes with picking paint. Different finishes like eggshell, satin, gloss, or semi-gloss will look differently on a wall and in different lighting. It will also affect the best choice, like satin being well suited to the kitchen since it is a durable finish. Paint colours, such as ones with different coloured undertones, may look different in a room with other shades or little lighting. A professional can always help with the right paint selection, but make sure to take just as much time picking the perfect paint type and colour. 

Painters in Edmonton

Deluxe Painting is a company that prides itself on quality results, attention to detail, and proper paint prep. They ensure that each job is given the same attention to detail and care for a value-boosting finish. With over 20 years of residential and commercial painting experience, you can trust their professionals to transform your home.

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