When to repair and when to renovate

Both repairs and renovations help add value to your home, which can make choosing between the two difficult. Do you do a simple fix or use the repairs as an excuse to invest in a full renovation? Depending on your home goals, budget, and the project in question, there is a time to repair and a time to renovate.

Kash Works in Edmonton is a general contractor and repairs company. They share when you should repair and when you should invest in a renovation:

What is your goal for your home?

A big decision-making factor between repairs and renovations is deciding what your goal is behind the project. If you plan to sell your home, will simple repairs add the necessary value to make it a market contender? Is the budget there to invest into a few minor renovations to improve lacking space or add new features?

If the work is just for general home improvements and repairs will fix the problem, it may be more cost-effective. Also, consider if a renovation like reoutfitting the entire plumbing with low-flow faucets may be better in the long-run. The work will cost more now than minor repairs, but the value and savings down the road beat repeated repairs. 

Repair when the result is efficient

Things like a hole in the wall, a leaking faucet or a cracked window are easy choices to do repairs. Drywall is easily fixed without the need to tear down the entire wall and start new. With leaking faucets and cracked windows, consider the model and value of the current design. In cases like that where a repair can restore the item’s efficiency, it’s a cost-effective decision. If you are ready for an upgrade on those home components, a replacement is the best choice.

However, sometimes things are just worn out and cannot be repaired. Or, you might be ready for a change and want to completely modernize parts of your home. In that case, it’s a good choice to start planning your home renovation. 

Renovate when it improves

Improving the quality of your life, home, or monthly savings is a great reason to renovate. With the right planned budget and design, any scale of renovation can mean major benefits. Maybe the damaged wall or creaky and worn cabinets are just the excuses you need to start planning a renovation. Tearing down the wall and opening up the space adds style, flow, and value to your home.

Luxury vinyl flooring over real hardwood still looks visually appealing, but you save on yearly hardwood floor treatment. Or, you might want to swap out your bathtub for a modern walk-in tiled shower. When it comes to considering the long-term benefits of a renovation, make sure to talk to a professional about your options. They can help find areas of your home to improve or places to upgrade to ensure any changes are improvements.

General Contractors in Edmonton

For renovations or repairs, the Kash Works professionals can help with any project or help you need. They commit to quality in both their work and customer care. Their professionals will go above and beyond to ensure you get the results you want, and they won’t stop until everything is perfect.

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