Why more homeowners are choosing luxury vinyl flooring in Edmonton

The days of waiting until your kids are grown, or you no longer have pets in your home, to install beautiful flooring are over. Thanks to the introduction of luxury vinyl plank, you can have the best of both worlds. This is because luxury vinyl flooring in Edmonton is affordable and easy to care for. In fact, when you install luxury vinyl in your home, you will have floors you love — and you won’t need to tip-toe around your home to keep it that way.

Here are a few more reasons why luxury vinyl flooring is all the rage, with homeowners looking to upgrade their flooring without hassle or high costs.

Looks like hardwood and holds like vinyl.

So many homeowners dream of hardwood flooring. And truly, who can blame them? Hardwood floors look stunning in a home. They are also much easier to clean and maintain than carpet. Hardwood also comes in many varieties and has a certain level of durability. However, it’s still relatively easy to scratch your hardwood. If you have a dog or kids who are hard (no pun intended!) on the floors, you could end up with hardwood that needs to be replaced far too soon. This is no fun — especially considering the cost of hardwood.

When you choose vinyl flooring in Edmonton, you won’t need to worry about this! The luxury vinyl plank that Lidia Contract Flooring Ltd. offers is scratch-resistant and water-resistant. Plus, some of their higher-quality vinyl plank flooring is 100% waterproof as well! Luxury vinyl plank won’t dry out or crack like natural hardwood. It is a durable and long-lasting flooring option that is perfect for busy households.

Hassle-free installation

Compared to other styles of flooring, luxury vinyl plank is really easy to install. Your installation team only needs to click it into place. As a result, it’s easy to install in any room of your home! The click-in installation method, also called a floating floor, has one more excellent installation bonus: When a single board of luxury vinyl plank gets damaged, your contractor can fix it simply by removing the damaged piece and replacing it with a new one. So, even if your flooring does happen to pick up minor wear and tear over time, there’s an easy and affordable solution.


In many cases, homeowners envision a particular style or floor colour for their home that certain materials can’t accommodate. This is especially true when budget is also a factor. Yet, with luxury vinyl plank, the styles are endless. In fact, vinyl flooring comes in such a wide variety of colours and styles you’ll have the freedom to choose what you really love.

Lidia Contract Flooring Ltd. (also known as LCF Flooring) offers one of the widest selections of flooring out of all vinyl flooring stores in Edmonton. If you’re considering vinyl flooring, visit their Edmonton showroom! This way, you can see firsthand their varied selection of luxury vinyl in both plank and tile form. Speak to one of their experienced staff about the styles you’re considering.

Call Lidia Contract Flooring today to discuss how to add this easy-to-clean, affordable flooring to your home!





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