Why You Should Choose Con-Tile

When hiring a concrete contractor, you want the best. A great contractor works with you every step of the way, offers a wide range of products and services, keep communication open, and gets the job done right every time. Con-Tile Industries can offer you all of this, and more. Here are the many services of Con-Tile Industries in Edmonton, and why you should choose them for your next project. 

Residential, commercial, and industrial projects

Whether your home or business requires the services of a concrete contractor, Con-Tile Industries has got you covered. Their residential services include driveways, patios, steps, sidewalks, basement floors, footings, and retaining walls. They work with you to ensure the project is done to your liking and will get the job done properly the first time. They also will be able to help with the designing aspect of the project, should you require assistance. On the other hand, in commercial and industrial properties, the contractors at Con-Tile can help with flooring, retaining walls, bridge decks, pedways, and more. Con-Tile Industries can help you with any concrete project, no matter how big or how small. 

A variety of finishes

Concrete doesn’t have to look like plain-old concrete. There are many concrete finishes you can add to your concrete surfaces to change the look. These include stamped and sealed, broom-finish, polish-finish, the addition of colour, acid-staining, and aggregate finishes. Your concrete project doesn’t have to be simple and plain (unless you want it to be). Each finish adds a new, creative touch to your concrete projects, and gives your home the curb appeal it may be lacking. Con-Tile contractors can add character to your project, and the finished product will exceed your expectations. 

Working with you

Something Con-Tile Industries pride themselves on is their relationships with their clients. Communication is key when working with any contractor. The communication between client and contractor allows for the project to go smoothly. That way, nobody is confused on either side, especially if there are any changes needing to be made. They have experience on the job and have the necessary leadership skills to take charge of a project alongside you. From your first phone call through the design phase and installation, Con-Tile Industries is there for you. 

Concrete Contractors in Edmonton

Since 2005, Con-Tile Industries has offered quality concrete solutions to Edmonton and its surrounding areas. They make every customer and project their utmost priority. Not only that, but they pride themselves in the process as much as the finished product. Con-Tile utilizes Red Seal Journeyman, knowledgeable apprentices, the best materials, and impeccable customer service to deliver a wide range of concrete solutions. 

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