Why you should consider faux paint finishes for your home

Painting your home, inside or out, goes a long way in adding value and transforming your home’s appearance. With different colours, finishes, and styles, there’s a nearly endless number of ways to approach a new look. For example, faux paint finishes offer a unique and stylish look.

Artisan Reef in Abbotsford is a professional painting company. They share more about faux paint finishes and their appeal for your home.

What is faux paint finish?

Faux paint refers to a type of decorative painting technique that mimics the look of other surfaces like concrete, stone, tile, and wood. Different painting methods, products, and tools create new looks and appeals. It’s also very cost-effective as it costs less than that actual material. Anything from an accent wall, entire room, trim, ceilings, or doors can be painted with faux paint.

Types of looks

Faux wood is popular across many different interior design looks, and for a good reason. It offers all the warmth, natural and visual appeal of the real thing. Any surface can be made to match your floors, and there’s no risk of scratches or damage as with natural wood. Stone is another popular faux paint option that looks great for backsplash in the kitchen or bathrooms. If you want a feature brick wall without the weight or cost, a faux brick paint wall will do the trick.

Hides imperfections

Your walls will inevitably start to show some wear and tear like nicks or scuffs over time. While paint can help cover those damages, constantly repainting will wrack up in costs over time. With a faux paint finish, this is less of a worry. Faux paint finishes will easily hide the damage between the detailed textures, colour, and range of styles.

Create a focal point

If you want to add value to your home or make it a focal point, faux paint is the way to go. For example, a stylish feature wall with brick adds a rustic and colourful look that’s more unique than just paint. Wood accents on wall trim will add that sophisticated appeal that you and future buyers love. Additionally, another popular faux paint finish is to mimic the look of concrete or stone. If you need ideas for the perfect look, talk with a trusted contractor for help.

Painters in Abbotsford 

Artisan Reef has provided quality painting services for years and have steadily expanded their services. Their team offers everything from paint to trim, mouldings, feature walls, design accents, and more. They are committed to providing quality service and support in every aspect of their work.

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