Why you should get a roof replacement

A roof replacement will ensure your home is protected from the elements, boost curb appeal and help you home maintain it’s value. If your roof is compromised and no longer protecting your home from the snow and rain, it could leak and cause costly water damage to other parts of your home. If you suspect you might need a roof replacement, don’t put it off.

Here are some reasons why you should get a new roof installed:

You’re finding granules or even pieces of shingles around the house.

If you’ve noticed little granule or bits of shingles in your yard around the home, that means your shingles are deteriorating and need to be replaced. This can be caused by using poor quality shingles and improper installation methods including poorly arranged downspouts or missing and damaged gutters. It can also happen as your shingles age. If granules and shingles are missing, it could lead to a leak. Learn how to replace damaged shingles.

The shingles are peeling and curling.

Peeling and curling shingles could mean your roof has reached the end of it’s lifespan. If your roof isn’t that old, it could mean it’s suffering from excessive heat. If you have a slope of the roof that faces south, it will wear out faster from all that sun exposure and the sun’s UV rays will break it down. That is why you often see one side of the roof peeling while the rest of the roof looks okay. Peeling shingles can be more susceptible to wind uplift and will break more easily. If they are curling and coming away from the roof, they are no longer doing a good job protecting your home and you need a roof replacement.

The flashing is damaged.

As your roofing system ages, the metal flashing that is installed around the chimney, vents and skylights can start to separate. This causes the fasteners to loosen, flanges to lift and no longer provide a tight seal around these roof features. If that’s the case, water can start to penetrate and cause damage to your roof, attic, framing, insulation and other parts of your home.

You have water stains on your ceiling.

If you have water stains on your ceiling and there is no plumbing running through that area, you have a leak in the roof and need a roof replacement immediately. Putting it off will cause the water to spread and the damage to spread, resulting in a very expensive repair. That moisture can cause mildew and mold to grow. Both are hazardous to your health, but mold will have to be remediated by a professional company before other repairs can begin. Having the roof replaced in a timely matter will help prevent the spread of damage to your home.

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