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“Turns out the future of painting in Canada lies in the past,” says Esan Azore with a laugh. Founder of Once in a Lifetime Painting Company whose prairie-based service enthusiastically uses Organic Linseed Oil Paint for interior and exterior surfaces. Allback Linseed Products and tradecraft offer Canadian builders, renovators, and front-line painting professionals an incomparable level of excellence and longevity, which is changing the industry landscape one colour at a time.

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“Eco friendly” generally refers to paints whose emissions and extractions are less harmful to the environments they affect. The commercial painting industry refers to these as low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).  Organic and chemical-free,  Allback Linseed Oil Paint is the one and only VOC-free paint available.  Composed from 100% dry matter it is non-toxic and safe enough to paint a baby’s nursery “even in the dead of Winter” says Azore who’s Winnipeg business moves inward for the coldest months.

Interior jobs clients might shy away from during cocooned months are now accessible because toxic fumes are non-existent. Solvent-Free Paint is a reasonable option for everyone, especially those who have chemical sensitivities.  Allback and other purified Linseed Oil Paints are micro-porous, allowing walls and surfaces to breathe.  Correctly applied, Linseed Oil Paint helps prevent condensation, dampness, and even bacteria growth. Extremely long-lasting and less prone to flaking/ peeling, it also reduces indoor allergens.


Linseed Oil Paint (currently made in Sweden) costs marginally more than popular chemical paints compared gallon to gallon. To achieve maximum life from one’s paint job, paint should be applied directly to the surface. This means, before painting older structures with these long-lasting products preparation heeds attention.

Removal of old paint, rot, and surface damage can be efficiently achieved by trained professionals. Heater scraping, wood & window repairs, and anti-fungal treatments may add some labour hours upfront but pay off big time in the end. In our rough climate, a typical paint job lasts ten years (if lucky) while one proper job with Linseed Oil Paint lasts 5 times that! And, if applied to a new build where preparation is minimal, the cost is not much more than the inferior option.

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In our work we try to keep as much of the old material on the house as possible, these old building materials were harvested and prepared in such a way that makes them of a much higher quality than most newer materials in use today, as can be seen in their longevity. Winnipeg, Mb. has one of the largest old housing stocks on Turtle Island, many over a hundred years old. We believe that they can last another hundred years with a restorative OIL paint job and a little maintenance. As our mentor, Sonya Allback is fond of saying “It’s time to make maintenance sexy again”.


Client: Blue Lagoon Organic Farm

Job: Repair Sign & Refresh Logos

O.I.L. Mural Artist:  Franklin Fernando


Website: www.paintonce.ca

Email: onceinalifetimepainting@gmail.com

Phone: 204 475-5990

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