Why You’ll Love Motorized Window Coverings

Having motorized window coverings will bring luxury and convenience to your home. Imagine controlling your blinds with the touch of a button. Either from a wall panel, hand-held remote, mobile device, or automatically programmed to raise and lower according to your schedule and specific preferences.

Dynamo Decor in Calgary offers a wide selection of new shades, drapes and blinds are motorized. They can all be integrated into an existing home automation system or installed separately in your home.

Motorized Window Coverings Are Convenient

You can cover your windows and easily control your window coverings in those hard to reach openings like skylights and second story windows. The ability to control your window coverings at the touch of a button means you don’t have to walk around the house several times a day to manually open and close your blinds.

Motorized Window Coverings Improve Energy Efficiency

You can program your motorized window coverings to open and close based on the sun exposure during the day. If you’re gone during the day, closing your coverings will keep your home cool and reduce the strain on your air conditioner. If you are home, having them open will give you more natural light so you can save on electricity. You can also time them to open when you want to wake up in the morning. This gives you a natural, gentle wake up call. Then program them to cover the windows automatically when the sun goes down. Timing your window coverings will also help you protect your furnishings, floors and artwork from damaging UV rays.

Motorized Window Coverings Offer Security and Safety

With home automation, you can program your window coverings to open and close at certain times when you are out of town. This will make it look like someone is at home. This added convenience will give you more control and peace of mind. They also offer more safety for children and pets by eliminating the need for dangling cords.

Watch this video about Powerview motorized window coverings: 

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Window Coverings in Calgary

Dynamo Decor was established in 1990. Judy, the sole owner and a Hunter Douglas Priority Dealer, takes pride in being associated with honesty and integrity. They offer personalized service paying attention to detail from inception to completion and overseeing installation. With expertise from years of experience in the industry, they can provide the highest quality of the most innovative products available in the market place today. Contact Dynamo Decor today to book your appointment to experience their passion for designing the most exceptional window coverings specifically for you.

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