Window covering tips for your basement

Just because your windows are in the basement doesn’t mean they don’t deserve some style. With the right basement window coverings, you can add style and function to the space. Whether your basement is a walk-out or in the ground, there are a few considerations to keep in mind to make sure the look is the right one. 

Budget Blinds of Winnipeg in Winnipeg are a professional window coverings company. They share some tips and considerations when choosing window coverings for your basement:

Fabric for privacy

With a basement, preserving light is important, so you don’t create a complete blackout. That’s where sheer shades are the best solution for privacy and style. The material helps reduce glare and provides light-filtering transparency. That way, you get full privacy but with enough light still getting in to keep the basement bright. It’s ideal for a basement bedroom, living room, office or playroom. 

Add size with shutters

If you have small basement windows that aren’t quite aesthetically pleasing, there’s an easy solution. By installing larger shutters around the window, it creates the illusion of both height and size. Shutters also come in a range of materials like wood, café, custom-shaped shutters and more. The style of shutters still lets light naturally flood in, so there’s no compromise there either. The result is both stylish, eye-catching, and ideal for small windows. 

Dress it up with drapes

For larger windows, it’s always a great design option to dress it up with drapery. Ceiling to floor drapes adds style, luxury, and height to the window. Different patterns or colours can be used to customize the look or make it a feature. Layering the look, like adding shades or shutters, adds interesting depth and visuals. Layered window coverings can also help improve thermal performance and your home’s energy efficiency. It also adds more lighting control if the look is in a bedroom or even a home theatre. 

Simple accents

If you want to keep the focus on the window alone, then accents are the perfect solution. Window films help protect against harmful UV rays, but the look can be customized with designs. The look can add style, improve privacy or just help accent the window. Decorative grilles are another way to add elegance to the window and can be used inside or out. Grilles come in a wide range of colours, styles, and shapes to really accent your window uniquely.

Window Coverings in Winnipeg

At Budget Blinds of Winnipeg, they pride themselves on transforming your home with style and function. Their professionals can help with any design questions or style help for the right look. Their products range from blinds, shades, shutters, accents, grilles, motorized blinds, and more. When it comes to the perfect blinds, their company is the one to call. 

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