Window coverings: what to do and what not to do


You can’t go wrong with choosing to upgrade your window coverings. They can provide better energy savings, lighting control, and some offer more insulation. Design-wise, however, there is room for error. Window coverings should fit into the room’s overall design in a complementary and unified way. Otherwise, the coverings stand out, and not in the right way.

Expressions at Home in Edmonton offer a full range of quality blinds, drapery, and wallpaper. They share what you should and should not do when picking new window coverings:

Always include function and style

When looking at different colours, styles, and lengths, don’t forget to factor in the function. Long curtains that spool on the floor add a luxurious appearance but aren’t ideal for lots of opening and closing. Cordless lift blinds are convenient but may not be in the kitchen where it’s harder to reach the window. To help, start by deciding if you want coverings for décor or to use. That way, you can choose the right length and style to suit each room’s needs.

Work with layers 

Interior design always works with layers, and for a good reason. Layered lighting, colours, and décor all add more depth and appeal to the room. They create balance as well and leave plenty of room to customize use. With lighting, you can use task lighting for specific jobs or general lighting to brighten the overall space. Window coverings are no exception to this. Layered coverings give more options for how you use the covering or the look you want. Curtains with sheer additions mean you can choose how much light to let in or what look and mood you want to provide. Visually as well, they provide a much more interesting and eye-catching design.

Stick with two or three styles

A big don’t with window coverings is giving every room in your house a different look and style. While some variation is okay, like blinds in the bedrooms and curtains elsewhere, don’t go beyond more than two or three. It not only loses that cohesive feel from room to room; it also creates too many styles. The same goes for different flooring in every room, especially when on the main floor. Instead of different styles, change the colours and layered look for each room to give some customization.

Avoid colour clashes for a feature

Window coverings can act as the focal feature in a room, but don’t rely on colours alone to do that. Like any new addition, you want to work with the scheme that is already present. If you have three tones, don’t go beyond that. Instead, pick a complementary shade within those options. A few good rules include matching the window frame’s colour, coordinating with the wall, or matching the floor or other furniture. That way, the room maintains that unified and cohesive look and your coverings get a stylish touch of colour.

Window Coverings in Edmonton

With over 16 years of experience, Expressions at Home are experts at window coverings and finding the right design. They know that each home and homeowner’s needs are different, so they tailor their services to you. With excellent customer service, care, and quality work, they can help with all needs. From supply, installation, and advice, Expressions at Home is ready to help.

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