Winter HVAC maintenance: how to prepare for the cold

Summer is nearing an end and it is time to start thinking about winter maintenance. One of the main items on your list will be your heating and cooling system. Read some maintenance checks to do to help prepare for the winter:

Check or replace those air filters

If you haven’t checked or changed your filters in a while, now is a good time to do so. A dirty air filter makes your furnace work harder than it needs to. This will not only boost your monthly energy bills, but it’s damaging to the furnace itself too. If the furnace can’t work properly, your home won’t be heated properly either. Once you have replaced the filter, make sure to keep doing so every few months. This is part of regular maintenance anyway, but it also helps extend the lifespan of your furnace.

Reset your thermostat for winter temperatures

If you have your furnace blasting hot air all winter, your energy bills will rapidly go through the roof. That’s why, when you are preparing your home for winter, you should also program your thermostat. Keeping it around room temperature when you’re home, will keep you warm and comfortable. While you are out, set the temperature to 2 to 3 degrees lower. This will still keep you comfortable when you come home, and it’s an optimal energy-saving temperature. Read about some more energy-saving tips for the winter.

Is your roof ventilation up to date? 

Proper ventilation in your roof is especially important during the winter because it helps protect against moisture. It also helps keep the air quality in your home clean, which you want if your windows are mostly shut during the winter. If moisture does get in, it risks the growth of mold, wood rotting or water damage to your structure and home.

With the right roof ventilation, cool, dry air will be drawn in from the outdoors, while the hotter air is let out. If your ventilation is not up to date or hasn’t been checked in a while, make sure you do that before winter’s chill sets in.

If you need professional repairs—call early

Winter is a busy month for HVAC professionals, so if you need repairs done now, make sure you call early. It’s also worthwhile getting a professional to do a routine maintenance check. A professional should do a check twice a year: once in the fall to prepare your heating system, and once in spring for the AC. If an inspection reveals any problems, it can be dealt with quickly and early.

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