Why you need to replace your aluminum and knob & tube wiring

There is a lot of charm and history that comes with buying an older home, rather than buying a modern one. The older the home, the more attraction it has, but it’s also important to know exactly how old it is for practical reasons.

If your home was built before the 1950s, you may want to check the type of wiring it has. If it happens to be aluminum or knob & tube wiring, you’ll want to get it replaced sooner rather than later.

KBE Electrical Contractors in Vancouver are a professional electrical service company. They share what aluminum and knob & tube wiring are, and why you want to consider a replacement:

Knob and tube wiring

A house that is old and historical is charming, but old and historical wiring is just a fire hazard waiting to happen. During the 1950s and prior, knob & tube wiring was commonly used throughout homes, but is nowadays considered too risky to be used. If you are having issues getting insurance on your home and you have knob & tube wiring, that may be why.

This wiring is made up of insulated wires clamped on a pair of porcelain knobs. The problem with this is that as the system ages the knobs and insulated tubing can crack or break. Exposed wires present a serious fire risk and while a DIY repair seems simple, it can make the problem even worse. Knob & tube wiring was installed during a time where homes only had a few electrical appliances. Nowadays, however, with such a high demand for electricity, the wiring is simply not designed to meet the need.

Since most older homes used knob & tube wiring, it’s likely a heritage home will also have it. Even if the wiring is intact, the system itself is outdated. For the sake of both safety and practicality, it’s better to have the wiring replaced with a more modern system.

Aluminum wiring 

Aluminum wiring was popular during the 1960s and 70s as a cheaper alternative to the cost of copper. Unfortunately, problems with fires resulting from the wiring meant that aluminum quickly lost its popularity. Unlike knob & tube, the problem with aluminum is with its connection points. With time, the connections fail and loosen, which increases the risk of fires from sparking. Because of this risk, many homes with aluminum wiring may have problems getting insurance coverage. Read about ways to identify if your home has aluminum wiring. If you aren’t sure or want a second opinion, call a professional to take a look as well.

Leave it the professionals 

As with most electrical problems, maintenance or installations, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. With both knob & tube wiring and aluminum, trying to DIY the problem is likely only going to worsen it. Serious electrical problems are a risk not only to your home but also to yourself.

Leaving it to professionals guarantees that the work is done properly and safely. It will also guarantee that when you move into your home, it still has all the charm and history, but none of the risk!

Best Electricians in Vancouver

KBE Electrical Contractors are a group of professionals dedicated to ensuring that your home is safe and properly wired. They strive to provide the best quality of work and service so that you can have absolute peace of mind. Whether you need an electrical repair or upgrade, new lighting or home rewiring, they are the professionals to call.

Don’t hesitate to contact them today for any questions or to book an appointment!

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