3 Reasons to Hire Drywall Contractors

If you’re doing a major renovation, like installing a new ceiling or remodeling the basement, dry wall will be a big component of that project. When done correctly, drywall can have a seamless and smooth finish, ready for your favourite paint colours and wall décor. When done poorly, your walls can look wavy or have noticeable seams…this can be very frustrating!

Drywall installation is one of those jobs that is best left for the professionals. Though you might feel confident to attempt DIY drywall after reading a few ‘how to install drywall’ articles online, it takes a lot of practice and skill to get this job done right.

Here are three reasons why you should always leave this job for the professionals:

1. Drywall Contractors have the right tools.

In order to correctly drywall a room, you will need the right tools. They will arrive with everything needed to cut and hang the drywall, taping and sanding tools. They will also have equipment like stilts, ladders and scaffolding to get to those hard to reach places. If you DIY, you’ll have to buy or borrow these things. Drywall contractors also have the experience in using things like stilts and scaffolding and can do so safely.

2. Drywall Contractors have mastered the craft.

Installing drywall, taping, mudding and sanding is a skill that is perfected over time and with A LOT of practice! You will not get professional results the first time you attempt to do this job yourself. You might not even get professional results the tenth time you attempt to drywall a room. The drywall contractors have years of experience and can make the right measurements, precise cuts and know exactly how much drywall compound to apply on the seams. They have experience sanding and can get that perfect, smooth finish every time.

3. Drywall Contractors can save you time and money.

Just like most DIY projects, you want to do the work yourself to save money. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can end up damaging drywall in transport, wasting material with inaccurate cuts and spend a lot of money on tools and supplies you will never need again. Without a team of professionals, this job will take you several weekends and leave a big mess to clean up in the end. Hire a professional and they’ll take care of everything for you in a timely manner. Plus, you’ll have seamless, professional results the first time.

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