3 Roofing Options to Consider


Is it time for a new roof? If your roof is in disrepair, you could be putting your home at risk of leaks and water damage. If water is getting through the shingles, it could be damaging your roof deck, framing, insulation, drywall, ceiling and other parts of your home. You should have a roof replacement as soon as possible. Read 7 signs you need a new roof.

A roof replacement is a big investment, but it will pay off by protecting your home from expensive damage, boosting energy efficiency and resale value through enhanced curb appeal. There are three common types of roofing materials you should consider: asphalt, laminate and cedar roofing. Accountable Roofing Services Ltd. in Surrey shares more:

Pros & Cons for Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt shingles are probably the most commonly used roofing material among residential properties in Vancouver. They are a cost-effective option, and when installed properly using quality products, can give your home good protect for 15 years or more. Unlike wood shakes, asphalt is more resistant to rot, moss growth and fire and comes in a variety of colours and shades to compliment your home’s exterior design.

It’s important to know that not all asphalt roofs are created equal. Cheap materials and poor installation could mean another roof replacement in your near future. Asphalt also has a shorter life span compared to other types of shingles, like cedar shake roofing, and will probably have to be replaced 2 or 3 times in the span of your home ownership. Asphalt can also deteriorate under strong winds and on south facing surfaces that get a lot of direct sun, requiring an investment in roof repair every so often.

Pros & Cons of Laminate Roofing

Second to regular asphalt, laminate shingles are also popular among homeowners. They are actually a type of asphalt shingle but are manufactured with a heavier base mat and several layers of a finer, more refined asphalt. Laminate shingles have slightly different shapes than typical asphalt and offer a unique dimensional style to your home’s exterior.

Laminate shingles are more heavy-duty than asphalt and can better withstand harsh weather, extending the life of your roof. This also means that they are heavier, and a roofing contractor must make you’re your rooftop can take the weight. Though they might offer a longer lifespan than regular asphalt, laminate shingles are more expensive to install than asphalt roofing.

Pros & Cons of Cedar Roofing

Wood shake roofing, usually made from cedar, is a very attractive roofing option that will gracefully age into a beautiful silver-grey tone. When installed properly, your cedar shake roof will durable and resistant to storms. Cedar is also naturally resistant to insects and has good thermal performance, making it an energy efficient option. If installed and maintenance properly, your cedar shake roof can last longer than an asphalt roof.

The biggest con of cedar shingles and shakes is that they require regular maintenance to ensure their performance and to prevent moss, fungus, mildew and mold growth. Cedar shakes are also more expensive and cost more to install, but can provide a return on investment through increased resale value and long-term energy savings.

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