3 ways to get attention with your entry door

GreenFox Windows and Doors, with locations in Edmonton and Calgary, offers their tips and advice when it comes to adding small details to your door to turn it into a feature aspect:

1. Colour

When it comes to colour, the easiest way to grab attention is to paint your door in something bright to make it pop out against your house. Just be sure to keep in mind the colour scheme surrounding the rest of your home, so you don’t have a clash of colour. You don’t want to have too many different colours, but you also want to incorporate complimenting shades. If your house is white, go for something bold and bright like a red; if you have a darker home, choose a lighter colour like white or soft pastels.

Even if you choose a doorway that is mostly glass, painting the trim that surrounds the door will create a unique, yet subtle pop of colour. If you need some starter colour ideas, then according Houzz, black, white, grey, blue, red, and yellow, are currently the most popular front door colours.

2. Style

The style, or type of door, that you choose can also play a role. You don’t want something that completely contrasts with your house, but you also don’t want anything too plain. A traditional door with raised panels can work perfectly as a colour-based feature door, such as painting it red for that eye-catching look. Craftsman doors are also a popular choice and can have featured windows added to it, either one at the top or frosted panels across the door for a modern and sleek appearance. Additional glass panels can also be considered on either side of the door for a more glass-based feature entryway.

3. Feature and hardware

These additions may be less immediately obvious, but they are nevertheless subtle touches that can make a door into a feature. Material such as wood, fiberglass, steel, or glass, are all options for doorways. Wood doors create a traditional and classic look, while a full glass doorway can create a modern and sleek look. Additionally, glass doorways can add the feature appeal of allowing plenty of natural lighting. Depending on what you choose, keep in mind the appearance of your overall home. You want to pick something that will compliment, without looking out of place.

Hardware on doors, such as knockers, handles, locksets, or hinges, are little touches that when customized can also add character. A customized door knocker or alternate coloured handle can bring a subtle touch of character to the door. Investing in good quality locksets, deadbolts, or hinges, can be used as extra features when pointed out to potential buyers.

Doors in Calgary & Edmonton

GreenFox Windows and Doors ensures both quality products and quality services with the work they provide. They offer a wide selection of door styles, types, energy efficiency, and customization, to ensure that your entry way is top quality and exactly what you want and need.

They have locations in both Edmonton & Calgary! Contact GreenFox Windows and Doors today!

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