5 window designs to add character to your home

When it comes time to replacing your old windows and installing new ones, there are many options available, whether it is choosing an entire new look, changing the material, upgrading the style, or simply replacing what is broken. And with so many different window designs and styles, it may be the perfect opportunity to install designed windows to add more light, bring more character to your home, or simply add more aesthetic appeal.

GreenFox Windows and Doors in Calgary and Edmonton shares some of their window design suggestions to help change the look of your home:

1. Entry door windows

From the outside, adding entryway windows is a great way to turn your door into a feature door. But from the inside, it turns your entrance into an impressive first view of your home. It also brings the added benefit of providing plenty of natural lighting, aesthetic design, and a distinct transition from your entrance to the rest of your home.

2. Bay windows

Installing bay windows not only serves as a beautiful addition to any room, but they also bring a lot of other perks. Bay windows will bring in a lot of lighting which will easily and naturally brighten a room and because they protrude outwards, they create the feeling that your room is actually bigger. Installing a set of bay windows in the dining room can create an elegant seating area for the family; in the living room they can be converted into a window seat for gatherings or some relaxed reading. They can even be installed in an office to create a bright and aesthetic home work space.

3. Skylights

Skylights can also bring in a lot of natural lighting to rooms that might otherwise need to rely on in built-in lighting. In addition, they are a great source of ventilation and can be very energy-efficient. Skylight designs come in a variety of styles from tubular, light shafts, vented, or fixed, so you can install the perfect design for your home or room. Whether small or big, skylights can bring a lot of visual and practical appeal to a space.

4. Window wall

If you want something that is dramatic, sleek, and adds massive curb and visual appeal, then installing a window wall is just the thing. Window walls are a great way to turn a regular room into a sunroom, introduce tons of natural lighting to an area, or add trim work to change the look of your new feature wall from sleek and modern to quaint and homely. Find more window wall ideas and designs.

5. Stained-glass/distinctive windows

Adding stained glass to a room, entry, or as part of your door, is a simple way to bring character and décor to a room. It’s visually appealing, still lets light in, and can dress up a room depending on the design and shape you choose. Similarly, choosing a distinctive window lets you change the shape, proportion, or trimwork for a custom and featured style window that can fit in anywhere in your home. Something as simple as stained glass or window design may be all it takes to transform a room.

Windows in Edmonton and Calgary

GreenFox Windows and Doors ensures both quality products and quality service with the work they provide. They offer a wide selection of window styles, shapes, material, and even customization, so you can get the perfect look and style for your home. They have locations in both Edmonton and Calgary.

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