5 Benefits of sealing concrete

Replacing concrete is a large, time-consuming, and costly job. Freeze/thaw cycles in Calgary are among the highest in North America. Each freeze/thaw cycle can damage and weaken your concrete. Concrete sealing not only protects and slows damage caused by mother nature, it also provides a better curb appeal.

GlossWorks Alberta Ltd. in Calgary has sealed various residential concrete and therefore helped numerous homeowners see the process’ benefits.

Benefits of sealing concrete

1. Concrete protection

Concrete sealing protects your driveway, patio, steps, or concrete surface from three significant elements. First, concrete sealing helps protect surfaces against freeze and thaw cycles. And we know these can be extreme cycles in Calgary. Second, the sealant protects the surface from moisture. And lastly, it protects the surface from yellowing under UV rays.

2. Avoid and save on repairs

Concrete sealing with all the protection will help you avoid future damage to places like your driveway or patio. And with the damaged concrete in Calgary could receive, these savings may mean a lot.

3. Sealing is a relatively quick process

Concrete sealing is especially quick when compared to all-out replacements. The sealing process used by the trusted professionals at GlossWorks Alberta only takes four hours to dry enough to allow foot traffic.

4. Highlights and improves the look of concrete

Concrete sealing has many practical and functional benefits. Moreover, concrete sealing can also bring out and beautify the surface’s features. The concrete seal will highlight the colour of exposed aggregate and stone. The seal will also give the surface a smoother look and eliminate any dullness. Concrete seals may also be used to add colour to the surface.

5. Better surface friction

Friction is essential for all concrete surfaces in terms of safety. More specifically, the friction values of a surface that see pedestrian and vehicle traffic are essential. You want any surface or space in your home to feel its safest. And sealing concrete can help. The Supershield Polyurethane Sealer used by GlossWorks Alberta with an anti-slip additive will increase the friction of driveways, sidewalks, or steps around your home. This can make it easier to pull into your driveway in wet or icy conditions. It can also help avoid slips and falls.

Concrete in Calgary

Concrete sealing is a great and comparably simple way to improve a home’s exterior. GlossWorks Albert Ltd. in Calgary offers concrete sealing services and restoration. They work on improving the look and durability of concrete also includes polishing, concrete repairs, and resurfacing. As a family-owned and operated company, GlossWorks offers its services in Alberta and Saskatchewan. They are committed to concrete craftsmanship, finding the most innovative products, and professionalism on every job.

Contact GlossWorks Alberta Ltd. today for any concrete improvement needs.

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