3 Big Benefits of Painting Stucco

Stucco Can Be Painted! Because of the poor and incorrect paint used to paint stucco in the past and the bad results seen after a couple of years, people have become more hesitant to paint stucco. However, the quality of paint, along with many construction materials, has dramatically improved, and painting your stucco or masonry walls with good quality stucco-designed paints can last many years.

There are widespread rumours that painting stucco stops walls from breathing and traps moisture which can cause rot and paint to peel. However, the high-quality stucco paints we use are designed specifically to allow walls to breathe while repelling water and keeping moisture out. This is especially beneficial because stucco absorbs water and runs the risk of getting into windows or any openings after many years.

Stucco is a versatile exterior house material thanks to its durability and ease of maintenance. Unfortunately, as time passes, any exterior material will show its age. This can be especially true for materials faced with Edmonton weather and extreme temperature ranges. Consider having it painted!

Moreno Stucco & Wire Ltd. in Edmonton specializes in stucco application, painting, and repairing older stucco systems. Over their 17 years in the stucco business, they have helped many homeowners save their original stucco with paint. There are major pros to repainting stucco.

Benefits of Painting Stucco

1. Avoid the Costly Work of Starting from Scratch

Reapplying stucco can be a costly endeavour. Before any stucco application takes place, the stucco contractors will need to remove all the old material. However, you can hire a stucco contractor in Edmonton like Moreno Stucco & Wire to restore your existing surface at a fraction of the cost of replacing the stucco.

2. Maximize the lifespan of stucco

Stucco last up to 80 years as an effective exterior material. However, that stucco needs to be maintained properly for maximum lifespan. Repainting the stucco after every 10-15 years is a good rule of thumb for maximizing the years of use from the mostly cement material.

3. Give the home’s exterior a new Curb appeal

Hiring professional stucco contractors to complete the repainting guarantees that the finished product will look clean, seamless, and exactly how you want. Beyond improving the house’s look, the painting process allows the stucco contractors to notice and repair any damage or after window replacement. Stucco painting can come in handy for those looking to sell their house, as improved exteriors generally help resale values and curb appeal

4. New windows and new exterior

Almost every older home needs to have windows replaced in order to improve the R-value, functionality, and modern look. When replacing or moving windows, the best way is to hang them using the window flange/ nailing fins. This can only be done by cutting back stucco the stucco. Repairing and painting the stucco will make the entire exterior look new, and repairs should not be noticeable if done by experienced professionals.

Stucco in Edmonton

The family-owned Moreno Stucco & Wire Ltd. in Edmonton has served the city for over 17 years. They are full-service exterior renovation experts who specialize in stucco. Painting stucco requires careful consideration, and the Moreno team ensures all parts of the job are done carefully and correctly. Plus, Moreno can assist with complete exterior renovations. These include window replacement, stone masonry, soffit & eavestrough replacement, roofing, metal and Hardie siding and general carpentry.

Call Moreno Stucco & Wire today to discuss painting your stucco!

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