A/C care 101: when to DIY and when to call the professionals

When it comes to taking care of your HVAC system, there is actually little that you should DIY. Beyond basic maintenance and minor repairs, more serious problems need to be left to the professionals to handle. A well-cared-for HVAC should hopefully never run into such problems, but if it does, then it is better to know when it’s a professional type of problem.

Legacy Heating & Cooling Ltd. in Edmonton share their tips when it comes to knowing when to DIY and when to give them a call for some professional help:

DIY care and repair

First things first: make sure you change the filters on your A/C regularly. Dirty filters make it harder for the A/C to work properly, which decreases its efficiency. Clean filters not only ensure your A/C is always working, but also help keep the expenses down. Another easy DIY care is removing any debris from an outside unit. Over the colder months when you don’t regularly use your system, debris and leaves can gather and block the airflow. This will raise expenses and lower efficiency, while melted snow can easily get into the unit and cause water damage. Likewise, if any leaves get drawn in and clogged on the inside, a professional will have to fix the issue. Read more how to safely clean and prepare your A/C unit.

When it comes to repairs, making sure the thermostat is calibrated is an easy fix if your A/C isn’t working. If the thermostat is not calibrated, simply reset it and that should solve the problem. If the system itself doesn’t turn on or doesn’t start working, try troubleshooting. It may just be as simple a fix as that, and troubleshooting will reset anything that might have been accidentally turned off.

Professional care and repair

Beyond the basic DIY care and a few repairs, leave the rest to the pros. If you don’t really know what you are doing when it comes down to attempting a HVAC system repair, it could easily become worse or even dangerous. If troubleshooting an A/C system doesn’t work, don’t attempt to open up the unit and look for the problem. It’s better to call in the professionals who will easily be able to identify and fix the isolated problem. For any problems that you aren’t sure about, call the professionals. Even if it’s a minor fix to them, they will be able to do it without risking further damage.

Finally, annual maintenance is the best way to extend your unit’s life. Once-a-year checkups will keep the system running smoothly, as well as catch any minor problems before they develop into a much more serious and costly issue.

HVAC Companies in Edmonton

Legacy Heating & Cooling aren’t just professionals when it comes to installing or repairing an HVAC system in your home, they are also professionals when it comes to listening to your needs. They ensure that you get both the right HVAC for your home and at the right cost, so that you always feel confident you made the right choice.

Contact Legacy Heating & Cooling Ltd. today for a free quote on your new HVAC system!

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