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Think about what makes your home comfortable. It’s important that your home is kept warm and cozy in the winter months and cool in the summer, but have you considered other key systems in your home that make it a comfortable place to be? How about hot water when you take a shower or clean air coming through your ductwork and heat registers?

Total home comfort can be achieved by regular maintenance, repair and sometimes replacement of main components of your home’s mechanical systems. Edmonton HVAC Companies can take care of those things, from heating and cooling system and plumbing, to home comfort appliances like your water heater and water softeners. Here are some of their key services:

Heating & Cooling:

Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system can help prevent costly repairs in the future and ensure your systems are running at maximum efficiency. Most HVAC companies have heating and cooling services that include the repair, maintenance and replacement of furnaces and air conditioners as well as duct cleaning. They offer the industry’s leading brands that will be installed by seasoned experts.

Duct Cleaning:

Dust and debris will build up in your duct system over time. If not cleaned out properly and regularly, this dust will blow into your home. Clogged ducts can also decrease your home’s energy efficiency and cause higher energy bills. It’s advised to have your ducts professionally cleaned at least every two years.

Water Heaters:

If your hot water heater is older than 7 years, it’s time to think about a replacement. Water heaters start to corrode from the inside causing leaks and in worst-case-scenarios, floods in your basement. Learn about new energy efficient conventional options like installing a tankless water heater.


Water Softeners:

Hard water can cause increased scum on your bathtub, mineral build up in water fixtures, dry itchy skin, spots on your dishes and issues with your water heater elements.  Learn how to determine if you have hard water.

Service and Maintenance:

If your furnace goes in the dead of winter, or your air conditioning kicks the bucket on the hottest day in July, you’re going to need to have those serviced as soon as possible! Edmonton HVAC companies can offer quick repairs to get your home back to being comfortable, plus maintenance services to keep equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

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