Basement Renovation Ideas That Boost ROI

Developing your basement will improve your life at home while adding real value to your property. According to the latest reports from Remodeling, a basement remodel can recover 70% of its cost at resale. There are some things you can do during your basement renovation to help increase that ROI, while increasing your personal enjoyment of the space too.

Square Feet Construction in Calgary shares more about basement renovation ideas that have a good return on investment:

Build in a bathroom.

Bathroom additions will increase your resale value. If you’re planning a basement development, adding a bathroom into that plan is a wise move. Not only will your family enjoy having the additional bathroom, so will future home buyers. When adding the bathroom, consider making it a full 3-piece bathroom. Instead of a tub, install a shower. This will save space and your family will appreciate the extra place to shower.

Add bedrooms.

You can nearly double your living space by finishing the basement. Adding one or two bedrooms is a great use of some of that space. For the rooms to be legitimate bedrooms, they must have a full-sized egress window. You can use the new bedroom(s) to accommodate your growing family, has a guest room or even as a home office or playroom.

Include ample storage, but keep it hidden.

Your basement renovation should include one or more storage spaces. Keeping these storage areas tucked away and hidden will improve the living space. If you’re having a hard time keeping your storage organized, ask Square Feet Construction about a custom storage solution. It’s a good idea to make a storage area a separate room with a door that can close. This way, you can keep the storage out of the family room or bedrooms! Good storage is also important to buyers, which will come in handy if you ever list the house for sale.

Bring in as much natural light as possible.

Basements are more enjoyable when they feel open and well-lit. Square Feet Construction can suggest areas that can have additional windows added. This is especially important in any living area or bedrooms.

If your basement already has smaller windows, replace them with larger egress windows and dig larger window wells. This will make the basement lighter and create more escape points.

If adding windows isn’t possible, due to structural and/or building code restraints, install smart light fixtures. A mixture of accent and task lighting can really cozy-up a basement. Keep the wall colour light and neutral, and paint the ceilings white to help open up the space.

Basement Renovations in Calgary

Square Feet Construction has been providing top-quality renovation services to the Calgary area for over 10 years. They have built a solid reputation for running an ethical, dependable business and for producing quality finished work. They will create a space that looks great, and makes your house feel like home.

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