Bathroom and Kitchens: upgrading your plumbing and lighting

When considering renovation ideas for your bathrooms or kitchens, its easy to put all the emphasis on popular items such as the layout, creating more space, new cabinets, countertops, flooring, or even a complete redesign. In doing that however sometimes the smaller details can get lost in the mix, as it were. Its important to remember the little details as well, such as new lighting and plumbing fixtures!

The professionals at Contemporary Bath Kitchen and Design Center in Calgary are experts when it comes to bathroom, or kitchen development. They share some ideas for upgrading your bathroom and kitchen lighting and plumbing fixtures:

Bathroom plumbing: luxury fixtures 

Bathroom fixtures are a central part of bathroom renovations, so don’t feel limited to what fixtures you want to change. Even if it’s not the master bathroom, every bathroom should have a touch of luxury. For shower fixtures, raindrop shower heads are a popular choice or to really splurge, add body sprays throughout.

For sinks, consider a floating sink and a gooseneck to add both elegance and feature to your vanity. As for toilets, consider raising the height of the seat! This makes it not only more comfortable, but it can make the toilet more accessible. Lastly, don’t forget to install low-flow fixtures throughout your bathroom to save on water bills.

Bathroom lighting: the rule of three

Many bathrooms are often neglected when it comes to ensuring there is proper lighting throughout. Just installing one fixed ceiling light will provide light, but it won’t do much beyond just that. With bathrooms, it’s best to have three different sources of light that each work in different ways. Task, ambient, and accent lighting are recommended.

Task lighting is the primary source of light and should be mounted on the walls on either side of a mirror. This set-up will give the best lighting, without casting shadows or causing glare. A second task lighting should be installed inside your shower, in a recessed ceiling light.

Think of ambient lighting as a substitute for any natural light. These should be gentle, softer light that adds a little glow around the room. Accent lighting, much like in living rooms, should act as a spotlight on any features. Think of either a piece of art or highlighting that new tilework to shine accent lighting on.

Kitchen plumbing: pull-down faucet

Your kitchen sink will be the main plumbing fixture that will benefit from an upgrade. Pull-down faucets, in particular, not only add elegance to your kitchen but are also quite practical. Thanks to the pull-down design, cleaning dishes, filling pots or rinsing out the sink are done with ease. Likewise, the simple design of having an elegant gooseneck adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Stainless steel is a classic look, but also consider polished chrome or bronze for a unique style.

Kitchen lighting: layered lighting

With big and small kitchens, having the right lighting will always play an essential role in the room. The kitchen, particularly, will also benefit from having layered lighting or more than one source of light. With various cabinets, countertops, and shelving, there are plenty of areas where the light won’t reach. Under-cabinet lighting is ideal for providing task lighting while you are working on the countertops. Rather than one source of overhead lighting, a closer task light can offer more use.

Having accent or decorative lighting is a great way to shine a light on certain kitchen features. Areas such as the kitchen island, tiles or even a display of mugs benefit the most from accent lights. Lastly, general lighting should be in the center of the room to offer light overall. Look at these light fixture design ideas to add some added flare to your kitchen!

Bathroom Renovations and Kitchen Renovations in Calgary

At Contemporary Bath Kitchen and Design Center, your visions and dreams are their goals. They pride themselves in offering both top quality products, as well as services for all renovations. With years of experience and skill, they guarantee that you get precisely what you want with your project.

Don’t hesitate to contact them today for all your renovation needs!

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