Bathroom renovation guidelines for flawless results

There are no specific rules when designing a bathroom or what can and cannot be added. Bathrooms are personal spaces that are renovated to suit those personal needs. Still, having some general guidelines can help with the stress of all those endless options and ideas.

Budget Renovations & Maintenance in Edmonton provides quality bathroom renovations at the right price. They share some guidelines to follow to help when planning your next bathroom renovation:

Allocate space for each area

Think of your bathroom in sections and functions instead of as a whole. When planning a new renovation and new layout, you don’t want to cramp anything. The sink and vanity are your morning routine space; the shower and tub are for washing, and the toilet another personal use. When planning these areas, think of the space they’ll need. Sinks and vanities need counter space, proper lighting, and space to stand. The shower and tub need room to walk around, towel off, or maybe be spacious enough for a luxury walk-in shower if that’s possible. Toilets don’t take up as much space, but design-wise may benefit from their own nook for privacy.

Don’t sacrifice lighting or privacy

Natural lighting in a bathroom is always a welcomed addition, especially when creating a home spa. That said, privacy can be lost with a spacious new window, so electrical lighting is used instead. Instead of sacrificing one over the other, try to find a way to balance the two. Some options for windows in the bathroom are to use fogged glass or window coverings to control privacy. During the day, you can enjoy the natural sunlight, and at night use your electrical lighting. Make sure to follow the rule of three and install ambient, general, and task lighting for the perfect lighting array.

Add luxury where it makes sense

Don’t add real marble countertops simply because that’s a trend unless it really does suit your needs or wants. A few luxury additions and touches are welcome, but only if they make sense and serve a purpose. Heated floors or a soaker tub, for example, are great luxuries that can make your bathroom more enjoyable. A walk-in glass-enclosed shower is another luxury and one that also accommodates future aging-in-place. Try to think of what luxuries you would like to see and what would add to the new bathroom. Planning for down the road benefits as well is another great way to choose lasting features.

Bathroom Renovations in Edmonton

You don’t have to choose between quality and cost when working with Budget Renovations & Maintenance. Their professionals pride themselves on providing quality renovations and results and at the right price. They can help from start to finish to ensure your bathroom will be enjoyed for years to come. For all your bathroom renovation needs or design help, you know who to call.

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