Bathroom tile mistakes a general contractor can help prevent

Installing tile seems like an easy DIY job, but it can just as quickly become complicated. When it comes to bathrooms, in particular, tile can be used for walls and floors or for both in a shower. When it comes to proper installation and design, it’s best to leave it to a general contractor.

RenewVation Renovations in Calgary is a professional contracting company for interior renovations. They share the benefits of hiring their general contractors to help with any tile installation:

Improper floor prep

Tiled floors are a beautiful way to give your bathroom a whole new look, but only if installed properly. Not cleaning the floor carefully first or laying uneven underlayment will lead to problems with the tile. The underlayment provides a strong backing for the tile but can cause the tiles to sag and break instead if it’s uneven.

Bathroom tiles also need to be carefully waterproofed with a membrane that goes just beneath the tile. The type of tile, and whether it’s for the floor or shower, will affect what type of membrane you need. The best way to avoid any DIY mistakes or stress when choosing the right materials is to call a general contractor. They have the right tools and experience to handle any preparation and installation to ensure a flawless finish. A professional will also help reduce waste, such as excess grout or tile, by only buying what is needed and preventing breakage!

Not enough slope for the shower

A common shower tile mistake is not properly calculating how much slope the floor needs to drain water. This also applies to built-in seating, shelves, and rims that might pool water. Excess, trapped water can quickly lead to bacteria growth and even leaks. In the worst case, this will lead to unnecessary and costly repairs. For a general contractor, calculating the proper slope is not a problem. They have the right experience to handle calculating the right slope for any type or style of the shower to ensure the shower drains properly.

Choosing the wrong tile

The type of tile you choose will depend on where you plan to install it. Floor tile and wall tile, for example, have very different characteristics. A tile’s friction and durability rating will decide whether or not it is compatible with floors. The more friction and strength it has, the better suited it is for flooring. Wall tiles are also thinner than floor tiles, so they tend to be easier to cut and install. A tile’s look as well, such as marble vs. ceramic, may determine whether it is better for wall accents or stylish flooring. A general contractor can easily help with knowing the differences and helping with the designs. Likewise, if you want to add heated flooring, your contractor will help decide what type of tile is the best fit.

Using the wrong grout

Choosing the wrong type of grout can cause big issues down the road for your tile flooring. In the old days, the most commonly used type of grout was cement-based grout. Because cement is porous, it means it’s more susceptible to getting dirty, staining, and even mildew and mould. Cement-based products are also not 100% waterproof, which makes them a poor choice for sealing a bathroom or kitchen floor. Epoxy-based grout, however, is the superior choice for your tiling project. It’s durable, flexible, waterproof, and even stain, crack, and chemical-resistant. While epoxy is more expensive, it will look better, be easier to clean and last a lifetime.

General Contractors in Calgary

With over 10 years of renovation and remodeling experience, RenewVation Renovations is the company to call. Their contractors have the right hands-on experience for both large or small projects and renovations. Their services include full home renovations or specific projects such as drywall, flooring installation, finishing work, and more.

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