Benefits of professional gutter cleaning and repair  

Eavestroughs play an important role in the appearance and safety of your home. Failing or clogged gutters are not only unappealing, they invite the risk of water damage and costly repairs. If the water from rain and melting snow can’t drain properly from your home, it can cause flooding near your foundation. DIY maintenance is important, but nothing beats the benefits of professional cleaning and repair.

The Gutter Doctor in Calgary is a professional exterior home services company. They share the benefits of hiring their pros to handle your eavestrough cleaning and repairs: 

You’ll avoid injury 

Ladders cause a huge risk of possibly slipping and falling. Using an older ladder can be dangerous if it is either unstable or hasn’t been well maintained. Not only is it a safety risk to you, but it may also cause damage to your roof or gutters. A professional, though, will have the experience to navigate your roof or use a ladder safely with the right equipment. They’ll handle cleaning your gutters, so you don’t have to worry about any safety risks.

They’ll catch things you may miss 

A misplaced screw or early signs of corrosion can easily go unnoticed if you don’t know to look out for it. Things such as loose screws, small cracks, or dents can quickly develop into serious and costly damage. Even overgrown tree branches can present future issues for your gutters, either by clogging or damaging them. Professionals have an eye for these little details, though, and will look for them while cleaning your gutters. Keeping up with small, professional repairs such as these will help ensure your eavestroughs have a long lifespan and don’t get destroyed over the winter.

It protects your home against damage 

Clogged gutters are an obvious risk of water damage, but so are worn or damaged gutters. Bad installation or sagging adds weight to your roof that will eventually lead to damage. If water gets into the fascia or soffit, it will weaken or even eventually cause rot. If you’re constantly repairing your gutters as well, it means your gutters aren’t properly protecting your home. Instead of spending money on constant repairs, hire a professional. They’ll provide the right repairs and cleaning to get those gutters back to full capacity. If the damage is too severe or your gutters are just old, they can help with a new installation. Professional gutter installation is just as important since it guarantees quality and safety for your home.

Basic DIY care 

Aside from hiring professional, preventative, and proactive DIY maintenance will further help protect your eavestroughs. Clearing out leaves will prevent clogs, and checking for any damages can help prevent unexpected repairs and costs. In the springtime, check to see if any tree branches are starting to grow out. If they are, take the time to cut them back to avoid leaves getting into the gutters. Keep the area around the downspout clear so that any water has a clear path away from your home. Paired with annual professional cleaning and checkups, you won’t have to worry about your gutters unexpectedly breaking down.

Eavestroughs in Calgary 

With over 15 years of dedicated service, experience, and customer satisfaction, The Gutter Doctor guarantees their skills and attention to detail. Whether your home needs gutter cleaning, fascia repairs, or roof repairs, The Gutter Doctor offers it all. They’ll give your home the quality care it deserves so that you can have absolute peace of mind.

Contact The Gutter Doctor today for all your needs!

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