Why you shouldn’t attempt DIY spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation is one of the most energy-efficient insulation products on the market. It can be applied in hard-to-reach places. Spray foam fills in all gaps, providing a perfect air and water-tight seal. It also acts as an insulator and moisture barrier at once, unlike traditional batt insulation that requires a moisture barrier to be installed for it to be effective.

It’s great if you want to reap the benefits of spray foam insulation, but you should never attempt DIY spray foam. Foametix in Winnipeg shares why:

It requires specific equipment.

Spray foam is created by combining two liquids in a specialized spray foam container and gun. When they combine, they create a chemical reaction to form polyurethane foam. Then the foam is carefully sprayed and applied to the wall or other space that requires insulation. This equipment and materials can be expensive to buy and complicated to use. Professional spray foam installers have the equipment and supplies to do the job correctly and efficiently.

There’s a lot more to it than just ‘spraying it on’.

Your spray foam application has to be a very specific thickness. Ideally, you want it in even layers, no more than a few inches thick. Each layer has to cool before you add another one. If it doesn’t cool properly, it will crack. So, if your application is too thick it can trap heat and reduce circulation. If it’s too thin, it can’t perform at peak efficiency. Experienced insulation contractors have the training and expertise to install your spray foam insulation perfectly.

It requires a lot of prep work.

Before you install any insulation, you’ll have to prepare the work area. A spray foam insulation contractor will consider thinks like the framing of the wall, plumbing, electrical and other things along the surface area receiving the spray foam. Spray foam cannot adhere to certain materials, and in those cases, a seasoned professional will know what to do.

It’s expensive to fix when installed incorrectly.

The main reason homeowners choose to DIY is to save money. If you do this job incorrectly, you’ll have to hire a company to fix it at a high cost to you. They will have to spend time cleaning up your mess, preparing the surfaces again, and then installing the new insulation. Save money, time, and stress by hiring a professional insulation contractor for your spray foam insulation, before you make any mistakes with DIY.

Insulation Contractors in Winnipeg

FOAMETIX Coatings of Western Canada is a professional insulation contracting company both with extensive experience and specialized high-level training in the insulation industry. From spray foam, attic insulation upgrades, and industrial insulation removal, you can trust the team at FOAMETIX in Winnipeg to get your insulation job done right – so you can start benefiting from energy-efficiency and savings.

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