Benefits of Sunrooms

Creative modern sunroom

If you have small living quarters in your home, but a large property, you can expand your functional living space with a three or four season sunroom. Not only will you have more indoor space, you’ll also gain the benefits of outdoor living without having to worry about heat, cold, rain, wind, snow, and insects.  You would have the best of both worlds.

There are contractors that offer a variety of home renovation and construction services including building home additions and sunrooms. They offer three season sunrooms and fully insulated and heated four season sunrooms too. They share the benefits of these sunny and functional living spaces.

Increase Property Value

Putting in a sunroom addition is a very worthy investment.  Major home renovations and additions can be pricey and some homeowners are nervous that their investment in upgrades won’t add sufficient value to their home.  Not only will a sunroom or solarium increase your property’s market value, you’ll find value in how much you’ll enjoy this new space.

If you plan on putting your house up for sale one day, sunrooms are very attractive for potential buyers.  They require such little maintenance but offer so much for those living in the home.  Buyers will see the value in having the additional living space for dining, relaxing, entertaining, and spending time as a family.  Also, today’s sunrooms are energy efficient, made of durable materials, more attractive and easier to build than ever before.

Improve Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

Sunrooms are very attractive and will be aesthetically pleasing.  A properly designed sunroom or solarium will enhance the architecture and natural surrounds of your home.  Even though it increases the financial value of your home, it also enhances your home life whether you are planning to sell or not.  It is likely that your new sunroom will become the most favourite room in the house.

Gain a Beautiful Extra Living Space

There is something about eating breakfast in a sunroom that makes you feel like you are on vacation.  Imagine having that feeling every day?  Use your sunroom as a personal spa room, an indoor garden area for flowers and even vegetables, an indoor exercise room, or an alternate dining area.  Many homeowners use their sunrooms as an in-home office, a games room, a place for meditation, and even a media room.

Looking for some inspiration on furnishing and decorating your new sunroom? Check out these beautiful sunroom decorating ideas from HGTV.

Bring in More Natural Light

Natural light is great for our health and well-being. Your sunroom will be filled with that wonderful light, all season long. In the summer you can enjoy long evenings without having to worry about mosquitos or other bugs and in the colder months you can still fill up on healthy vitamin D from the sun while keeping warm and cozy inside.

Increase the beauty, functionality and value of your home. 


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