The 5 Best Sunroom Companies in Ottawa

There are many benefits to building a sunroom addition in Ottawa. A sunroom allows you to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the outdoors year-round, regardless of the weather. It provides beautiful natural lighting to your home, with several mental and physical health benefits. In addition, natural light can help reduce the use of electricity and lower your monthly bill.

Furthermore, a sunroom will expand your home’s usable living space. Use it for relaxing, dining, home office, or a family room. We share more sunroom addition ideas in this article before providing a list of the best sunroom companies in Ottawa. However you decide to use it, the right Ottawa sunroom contractor will help you design and build a space that best suits your needs.

Sunroom Options

You can use a sunroom in many different ways. The same goes for many types of backyard enclosures. Here are just a few ideas:

Expansion of your indoor living space. For many people, the idea of a new sunroom has them thinking of a home addition. This makes sense, especially because a sunroom can add to your indoor living space. For instance, imagine floor-to-ceiling windows in your new home, gym or office. Or in a special room for afternoon tea with friends or games night with your kids.

Pool vibes. If you’d like to enjoy your pool all year round, turn this outdoor area into a sunroom. The best sunroom contractors in Ottawa can install a sunroom to cover your pool or hot tub. Next up, autumn and winter pool parties!

Grow more plants. For plant lovers, a sunroom is a dream space. Why? Well, truthfully, a sunroom really is a greenhouse with sturdier glass. If growing veggies through the year or a plant wall is your thing, consider adding a sunroom to your home.

Yard protection

Cover your patio

A sunroom isn’t the only option without a raincoat and umbrella when you want more outdoor time in poor weather. In this case, a patio cover is a great option. When you hire Ottawa sunroom contractors, they can present choices to bring more shelter into your backyard. Instead of a complete sunroom, you can partially cover your patio with an awning. With patio covers, these awnings typically slope down from your home’s roof.

Along with your awning, your contractor will install eavestroughs and fascia to tackle water flow. From here, you’ll have a deck you and your family can enjoy in rain or snow. On hot summer days, you’ll also have the perfect shade.

What about a pergola?

Most likely, when you think about installing a pergola or partition, it’s not the added shelter you’re after. Instead, a pergola will provide more backyard privacy. Pergolas also brings another level of style to your yard. In addition, they can provide added comfort. With climbing hydrangea, wisteria or honeysuckle draped across your pergola, this will add some romantic flair. Nevertheless, this option may not suit you if it’s a sunroom you’re after.

Hot tub party

There is nothing quite like enjoying your hot tub on a cold winter’s night. But a hot tub party is probably out of the question during a winter blizzard. The same goes for off-season dips in the pool. Without four-season coverage and protection, your pool becomes unused space in the colder months of the year. This all changes when you build a pool or hot tub enclosure.

Also, this type of enclosure doesn’t have to fully enclose your pool space. Ottawa sunroom contractors can install a partial enclosure so you can enjoy your heated pool or hot tub off-season without creating an entirely new indoor space. And, whether you choose a partial or complete enclosure, cleaning your pool or hot tub will be easier all year round. This is all thanks to the extra protection that will keep debris, rain and snow away from your hot tub or pool.


Your favourite backyard pastimes don’t have to end when the weather gets uncomfortable. Hiring the best sunroom contractors in Ottawa to build you a sunroom means a good book and a glass of wine in the yard throughout the year. With the extra living space, you could also turn a sunroom into a place for family gatherings, dining, and hosting guests. Or, perhaps, a new entertainment room for cozy movie-watching. Solariums, conservatories and greenhouses are other uses for a sunroom.

Ottawa sunroom contractors can install just the basics. For example, a simple covering with glass windows and ceilings for your cottage deck. Other options include an A-frame or cathedral sunroom. Something to think about is whether you’d like a three- or four-season sunroom. Talk to your contractor about how you’d like to use your sunroom. From there, you can choose the type of sunroom that will suit your needs best. After this, you can select the proper materials and glass thickness for a sunroom that can be used through just some seasons or all year round.

The Best Sunroom Companies in Ottawa

First things first, before you begin building the sunroom of your dreams, it’s essential to find a trustworthy contractor. Here are our top picks for the best sunroom companies in Ottawa:

1. Weatherwall Ottawa

Phone (613) 704-5066
RenovationFind Profile

Weatherwall Ottawa uses the Eze-Breeze window system to create resort living in your own backyard. Their Eze-Breeze window systems are manufactured in Florida and are used for cottages, enclosed porches, gazebos, hot tubs, decks, pool houses, golf courses and more! With Weatherwall’s window system, they can build you a sunroom that is strong and shatterproof. Your window walls can stretch from floor to ceiling and remain strong, though they are also lightweight.

Weatherwall Ottawa can use its Eze-Breeze window system to install floor-to-ceiling windows using your existing frame if you already have a porch. They can also install sunroom windows using conventional wood. Alternatively, they can use siding or brick veneer so your sunroom matches the rest of your home’s exterior. Weatherwall Ottawa is ready to build you the sunroom you’ve always dreamed of. Give them a call today!

Key Services & Features

– Residential sunrooms and conservatories
– Enclosures for pool houses, patios, hot tubs and gazebos
– Eze-Breeze Window System
– Door installation
– Fixed panels and vinyl replacements

Customer Feedback

This company is still in the process of collecting reviews. Be one of the first to leave a review this company!

2. Jensen Contracting Co.

Phone 613-658-2112
Email Contact their team here
RenovationFind Profile

Jensen Contracting Co. is owned by Red Seal Certified carpenter Adam Jensen. He brings a passion for carpentry to each and every job. When building sunrooms in Ottawa, he will always work with the client to ensure you are wowed by the finished product. Moreover, Jensens Contracting Co. values trust and transparency. As a result, he can build strong relationships with his clients while delivering outstanding craftsmanship.

Jensen Contracting uses Weathermaster Windows & Doors for all sunrooms. This manufacturer is known as a top porch and sunroom window company in Canada. In addition, Jensen Contracting Co. can build a full range of railing systems to add to your sunroom. They also offer Sunspace patio covers and Sunwall privacy windbreaks. Reach out today to learn more!

Key Services & Features

– Residential sunrooms and patios
– Cottage decks
– Weathermaster windows and doors
– Door installation
– Sunspace patio covers and Sunwall privacy windbreaks

Customer Feedback

This company is still in the process of collecting reviews. Be one of the first to leave a review for them!

3. Oakwood 

Phone 613-236-8001

Oakwood uses a one-stop sunroom solution for building some of the best sunrooms in Ottawa. First, they will use their in-house architectural design team to evaluate structural challenges. Next, they will design a sunroom that perfectly fits your home’s aesthetic. From there, you can choose from energy-efficient materials for your sunroom’s expansive windows and doors. You can also select lighting and floor options that will provide energy savings. Then, Oakwood will use its certified trade professionals to prepare the project site to protect your home. Last but certainly not least, they will assign a project manager before the work even begins. Then, as they work, you will have access to a VIP client portal and receive on-site meetings to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

Trent Doherty, Oakwood’s construction development manager, explains that you will receive the best of both worlds with a sunroom. Their highly skilled professionals will build a brighter living space that brings the outdoors into your home. Plus, they will ensure quality craftsmanship and an unparalleled customer service experience.

Key Services & Features

– Residential sunrooms, patios and gazebos
– Cottage decks
– Architectural Design
– Window and Door installation
– Custom home builder

Customer Feedback

We were looking for a customer builder and got the chance to speak with John and the Oakwood team. We were very impressed with their attention to detail, professionalism and non-pressured discussions. We’d recommend working with the Oakwood team.

– Tom Sweeney, Google

4. Kanata Renovations

Phone (343) 429-6335
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Kanata Renovations specializes in custom outdoor living spaces. This includes custom decks, patios and sunrooms. When you decide to work with Kanata Renovations, they will provide written agreements, including warranties and guarantees for all their work. This way, you can feel confident in a job well done! They use a team of highly-trained professionals for every project, regardless of size. In addition, their dedication to customer service means you will receive clear communication throughout the entire project.

Kanata Renovations offers a range of services beyond building outstanding sunrooms in Ottawa. This company also offers full bathroom and kitchen renovation services. And they provide complete basement development renovations as well as home additions. On top of this, Kanata Renovations also works in the commercial space.

Key Services & Features

– Residential sunrooms, patios, decks and gazebos
– Commercial renovation services
– Design
– Kitchen, bathroom and basement renovations
– Custom stonework
– Custom outdoor living spaces

Customer Feedback

This company is still in the process of collecting reviews. Be one of the first to leave a review for them!

5. SLL Contracting Ltd.

Phone 613-878-2585
RenovationFind Profile

SLL Contracting Ltd. is known primarily for its expert roofing services. They boast over 21 years of experience in the roofing industry. Here, they prioritize safety and client satisfaction. As a result, they have grown as a business and earned a reputation as one of the best in the business. In addition, SLL Contracting Ltd. has expanded its business to include other services, including sunroom installation in Ottawa. Eavestroughs, soffit and fascia are other services SLL Contracting offers.

This company also works on skylights and sun tunnels. Furthermore, they can install asphalt shingles and rubber roofing. Metal roofing, including copper, steel and aluminum roofs, are other roofing materials they work with. For questions about roofing, sunrooms and other services, call them today!

Key Services & Features

– Residential sunrooms,
– Roofing replacements and repairs
– Eavestroughs, siding, soffits & fascia
– Rubber roofing
– Skylights and sun tunnels

Customer Feedback

Kelly and his team were amazing, they were upfront, friendly, hardworking and professional from start to finish They showed up on time, worked hard, cleaned up, and completed the projects quickly and as scheduled. I would definitely us his company for future work and highly recommend

– Daniel Sheehan, Google

Hire a RenovationFind Certified Contractor

Now that you have a breakdown of the best sunroom companies in Ottawa, you’ll want to do a little research before you narrow down your options. It’s essential that the contractors you’re considering are correctly insured and have an excellent reputation with their clients. The problem is properly vetting every contractor you’re considering is time-consuming. However, you can reduce your research time when hiring RenovationFind Certifed contractors!

At, all our Certified contractors go through a rigorous certification process. What does this mean? For starters, all RenovationFind Certified contractors are pre-screened and vetted. We check every company we certify for up-to-date business licensing, proper insurance and WCB coverage. Then, we take this a step further with our third-party monitor. RenovationFind uses a third-party monitor for legal and financial background checks on all our companies. In addition, this monitor also looks at online reviews and client complaints to ensure our Certified companies always remain in good standing.

So, when you’re ready to collect quotes and ask for in-person references for sunroom companies in Ottawa, choose RenovationFind Certified! It will save you precious time. Plus, you will feel confident that you’re only considering sunroom contractors you can trust!



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