The 5 Best Attic Restoration Companies in Winnipeg

Best Attic Restoration Companies in Winnipeg

It might be easier to forget about the attic of your home. They are out of sight and often out of mind. But, a home’s attic is a space crucial to how a home functions. Attics are essential in a home’s heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC). Because of these factors, attics also play a crucial role in energy efficiency and overall comfort for homeowners. So, while the attic might be out of sight, remember that any issues with HVAC systems could stem from the attic. When these issues show up, finding an attic restoration company is essential.

Problems in the attic are unique in a location like Winnipeg. The city’s harsh prairie winters and freeze-thaw cycle pose specific problems for local homeowners.

What are the primary functions of an attic?

Home attics have many essential structural and functional elements inside them. Attics are built either inside or outside of the building envelope. When inside, the attic is considered “livable” and is part of the home’s regular heating and cooling. So, when the attic is outside the building envelope, it is not meant to act as a living space. This is the case with most attics in Winnipeg.

Support the roof

The attic’s rafters, battens, joists, and beams are critical in supporting a home’s roof. These wooden elements support the decking, underlay, and roofing materials like shingles, tiles, or metal sheets. Plus, these supports create the slope of the roof. That slope and wooden supports allow snow and rain to properly disperse off the roof.

Keeps the house warm in winter…

The insulation inside the attic floors or walls is the last stop for hot air as it rises. So, an attic’s insulation quality is paramount in keeping a home adequately warm over the winter. Hot air always rises. So, as it does, that final insulation barrier in the attic must adequately prevent the air from escaping. This insulation is also pivotal in keeping the attic ductwork at proper temperatures.

…and cool in the summer

The attic insulation and ventilation also ensure that no excess heat enters the house during the summer. So, if the insulation is not working correctly, the attic space overheats, as does the ductwork and vents.

Signs it is time to call an attic restoration company in Winnipeg

If you notice any of these problems showing up in your home, it is time to contact Winnipeg’s attic restoration companies.

Moisture damage on ceiling or walls

The moisture damage appears in many ways. This could include sagging in the walls, stains on the ceiling or walls, wood rot, or wet insulation. The best attic restoration companies in Winnipeg offer inspections for such issues. These companies are also roofing experts who provide services to fix the root cause of any moisture issue on the roof.

Tell-tale signs of pests

Pests come in many forms, including bugs, rodents, or small animals. And we call them pests because they can cause irritating or severe damage to homes. This is specifically the case for home attics where the pests go more easily unnoticed by homeowners. The signs that a pest has been around the attic include any scratch or bite damage to insulation, wood damage, droppings, and signs of nesting. While small, these creatures cause significant problems. Once the pest problem is under control. An attic restoration company will first asses and inspect the damage. These pests may cause enough damage to require new battens, rafters, insulation, or ducting.

Air conditioning or heating is overworked.

If you notice that your heating or air conditioning systems are working harder than they should, there could be problems in the attic. Signs that the HVAC systems are running inefficiently include unusually high energy bills, being unable to get the house warm in the winter, or not being able to get it cool in the summer. If your home’s temperature cannot be regulated, it is time to look at the attic. Contact a professional attic inspection company, and you’ll likely find that you have inadequate attic insulation or there are other issues up there.

Foul odours from above

Any of the issues mentioned above may cause foul odours to escape into the house. These smells may come from moisture damage, pest problems, too much heat, or too much cool air.

Excessive amounts of ice (ice damming)

This is one of the most straightforward attic issues for homeowners to identify. Plus, this is a critical issue for homeowners to be aware of in a climate like Winnipeg’s and Manitoba’s. Ice damming issues occur outside the home, usually where the roof meets the gutters. Ice damming is identified by excess ice and icicles forming on the roof’s edge. On a warmer day, the ice damming appears as water dripping (or, in more severe cases, pouring) off the roof or the side of the home.

Ice damming is caused by snow and ice melting against the roof’s surface, then running down to the edge and freezing. Over time, it can build up and cause significant damage. Most of the time, ice damming is prevented with proper insulation and ventilation in the attic.

The Best Attic Restoration Contractors in Winnipeg

In no particular order, here is a list of the best Winnipeg attic restoration companies.

1. CMM Operations

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Phone 431-441-4455
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The attic restoration services from CMM Operations are available in Winnipeg and other areas of Manitoba. There are several reasons why CMM Operations is one of Winnipeg’s top attic restoration companies. Their team of experts utilizes the latest in home inspection and renovation technology. With this, CMM Operations offers efficient attic restoration, framing, and inspections. Then, homeowners can combine the other services with attic restoration through CMM Operations. These include a complete attic inspection, interior framing for any room of the house, home repair services, and disposal.

Key Services & Features

– Attic restoration, including insulation and batt removal and insulation installation
– Residential framing
– Home inspections and repairs, including thermal imaging inspections
– Disposal services and bin rentals
– Window and door installations
– Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Customer Feedback

If you’ve had a chance to work with CMM Operations before on attic restorations, or any of their services, then be the first to leave them an online review!

2. Pristine Roofing & Siding

Winnipeg Roofing Company & Siding Contractors in Winnipeg MB | Pristine Roofing

Phone 204-237-7663
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Pristine Roofing & Siding is one of Winnipeg’s top roofing experts with in-depth knowledge of the roof, the attic, and more. Their home renovation professionals have served 10,000 homeowners over 20 years in business. They understand roofing from top to bottom and offer roofing installations, attic restorations, and attic repairs. With all and any work from Pristine Roofing & Siding, homeowners can count on close attention to detail and customer service. Moreover, they understand the value of your attic to your home, the issues that can arise, and how to efficiently address any attic problems. Those could include unwanted heat loss, ice damming, or too much moisture.

Key Services & Features

– Roofing and siding contractor
– Eavestrough, soffit, and fascia installations
– Attic restoration, including insulation and batt removal, duct work, sealing, and insulation installation
– Solutions for heat loss or ice damming and condensation issues
– Snow removal from roofs
– Over 20 years in business

Customer Feedback

I was very satisfied with the roof replacement done by Pristine. Our estimator (Andrew) was excellent to deal with, the crews were on-time and efficient, and there was very little to clean up afterward.

-Reid, Facebook

3. Advanced Insulation Inc.


Phone 204-470-9797
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Advanced Insulation Inc. is determined to keep up with the growing demands for energy-efficient homes and buildings. The Winnipeg attic restoration company provides various insulation products and application methods. Beyond this, they perform all the necessary steps for a complete attic restoration. Advanced Insulation Inc. has grown its positive reputation in the city for providing honesty, high levels of workmanship, and the latest in insulation. They offer all of this for homeowners, business owners, and owners of multi-family residences.

Key Services & Features

– Insulation installations with a variety of quality products
– Firestopping for commercial, industrial, or multi-family residential buildings
– Performance coating application
– Attic restoration, including insulation and batt removal and insulation installation
– Solutions for heat loss or ice damming and condensation issues

Customer Feedback

If you’ve already had a positive experience with Advanced Insulation Inc., then be the first to leave them an online review!

4. Oakwood Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. LTD.

Phone 431-800-0607
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The Oakwood Roofing team firmly believes that your home is your greatest asset. They take great care on any home renovation project to treat the home as if it were their own. Their care level shows in Oakwood’s customer service focus, competitive pricing, and quality materials. As a roofing contractor with over 40 years of experience, Oakwood Roofing has grown to be one of the best attic restoration companies in Winnipeg. Plus, many of their services are available for commercial clients as well.

Key Services & Features

– Roofing and siding contractor
– Eavestrough, soffit, and fascia installations
– Commercial and residential roofing
– Attic restoration
– Solutions for heat loss or ice damming and condensation issues
– Offer a wide variety of roofing materials
– Over 40 years in business

Customer Feedback

We spent a fair bit of time talking to roofing companies and researching their expertise. We decided on Oakwood and were not disappointed. They took on an extremely difficult job for us. Log homes come with “interesting” construction requirements as logs are beautifully unconventional! Oakwood removed a large troublesome metal roof, put on osb decking, membrane, ice shielding, flashing, shingles, and replaced some of our 14″ metal facia. Our roof has a very steep pitch and 4 dormers. Again, not an easy job. Their price was not the lowest but they came through for us in quality of work. We really enjoyed having the team around. And it absolutely was a full Oakwood team effort on this job. We would absolutely refer Oakwood Roofing. They are really busy, be patient and you won’t be disappointed.

-Darlene, Google



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5. Advanced Level Roofing

Advanced Level Roofing

Phone 204-272-3006
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Advanced Level Roofing is committed to being the top choice for roofing and siding for many Canadians. The contractors operate as roofing experts in Manitoba and other western Canadian provinces. So, with Advanced Level Roofing, homeowners will find the best roofing and siding services and one of the top attic restoration companies in Winnipeg. In addition to its focus on high-quality work, Advanced Level Roofing is committed to using sustainable renovation and contracting practices.

Key Services & Features

– Attic restoration, including insulation removal and installation
– Roofing and siding contractor
– Commercial and residential roofing and siding
– Eavestrough, soffit, and fascia installations
– Hail damage repairs
– Solutions for heat loss or ice damming and condensation issues
– Contracting services in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Kelowna

Customer Feedback

We just got our roof done and all I can say is that if you’re looking for a professional and reliable roofing company that does top notch work and makes sure everything runs smoothly then definitely go with advance level roofing.. when it was done they came back to make sure the work was done perfectly and if we had any issues or questions.. they made sure we were satisfied and we definitely were.. clean up was a breeze as they took care of everything!! Recommended them to my neighbours and friends!!!

-Jaynee, Google

How to find an Attic Restoration Company in Winnipeg

The top attic restoration companies are listed above for several reasons. When looking for contractors to work on any part of your home, it is essential to look for certain things in each company. Winnipeg’s top attic restoration companies and other contractors, as vetted by RenovationFind, are chosen for several reasons:

Continued success

Find a contractor or attic company in Winnipeg with positive reviews and portfolios that show off their previous projects. They should also have a good track record with previous customers and within the industry. Be sure to check their references!


The contractor’s experience plays a significant role in any home renovation. Those attic restoration companies with experience (and on our list, some have multiple decades worth!) in the field have witnessed numerous issues. And with those issues, they’ve created multiple solutions for attics and homeowners.

Training and certifications

Professional attic restoration companies need to have several different types of training. This includes training in safety, workmanship, customer service, and Winnipeg building codes. In addition, they must carry provincial business licenses, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation. Most home renovation companies in Winnipeg are happy to share information about certificates, education, experience, and associations.

If you suspect you have attic issues, call one a RenovationFind Certified attic restoration company in Winnipeg today!


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