The 5 Best Garage Floor Coating Companies in Red Deer

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You can easily restore the look of concrete or cover it up with high-quality garage floor coatings. Concrete floor coatings come in various materials, styles, colours, and finishes. Therefore, you can find basement and garage floor coatings in Red Deer to fit any budget or style.

Concrete floor refinishing or restoration happens via two main methods. First, you can polish (or polish and dye) concrete floors to give them a smooth or shiny finish. This also makes the flooring more resistant to dust and damage.

Secondly, you could coat the concrete with an epoxy or polyaspartic coating. This covers the existing look and surface with an attractive and protective coating that will last for years. Epoxy floor coating is a popular choice, but many garage floor coating companies in Red Deer also have their own signature floor coating materials. Each coating material has its own set of pros and cons. But they all share one pro in common: refinishing or coating concrete floors improves their resistance to abrasion and overall damage. Here are a few of the materials offered for garage and basement floors.

Pros and cons of concrete floor coatings and finishes

Epoxy floor coating

Epoxy is a popular and versatile flooring coating option. It is a resin polymer that can be quickly installed when done by experts. However, it will take 1-3 days to dry and completely set! In addition, epoxy cannot be installed in extremely cold temperatures. Epoxy gives you endless style and design options and application options. You can apply an epoxy coating to concrete, wood, ceramic, glass, or metal.

Pros: It has high traction, and it is not as slippery as polyaspartic floor coating; it can be customized with colours, textures, and matte or glossy finishes.

Cons: It has a long curing/drying time, lower UV resistance, and low-quality formulas can off-gas after installation.

Polyaspartic floor coating 

These are new and popular options for basement and garage floor coatings. Ployasparatic coating has a long list of benefits. But these come with a higher price tag when compared to other floor coating or restoring options. It is made to act and look like polyurethane.

Pros: It is durable; versatile; cures faster than epoxy coatings; has almost no release of VOCs during pouring; can be customized with colours and textures.

Cons: It is overall more expensive than epoxy floor coating; it can only offer a glossy finish. Plus, it doesn’t perform well if your garage floor has moisture issues.


This urethane-based coating system can give different surfaces up to 20 years of extra use. It can be applied to interior and exterior surfaces and withstand Red Deer winters. In addition, you can apply Flexstone coating to more than concrete: use the coating system for plywood, ceramic/tile, or smaller concrete surfaces.

Pros: It has no off-gassing during the application process; it can be applied to plywood, ceramic, or concrete.

Cons: It is an overall more expensive option and only available from authorized Flexstone dealers.

Concrete polishing

Concrete polishing is a method of restoring concrete floors. Rather than coating the concrete in a protective material, the concrete is repaired, densified, polished, and usually layered with a protective coating. So while some coating is involved, a polished concrete floor retains more of the original look.

Pros: It is low maintenance, durable, and cost-effective.

Cons: There are limited design options, and it is a multi-step and time-consuming process.

Other uses for floor coatings

You could use the floor coating companies in Red Deer to make a section of interior flooring pop. Entryways, mudrooms, or sections of the kitchen and bathroom could all, for instance, get an accent flooring area made of colourful epoxy coating.

Polished or coated concrete floors are popular for all commercial spaces, including retail and industrial spaces. Specific floor coatings can improve the function and safety of commercial and industrial spaces.

Small exterior concrete areas, like patios, or flat roof decks, can be polished or coated to improve their look and durability.

The Best Garage Floor Coating Contractors in Red Deer

In no particular order, here is a list of the best Red Deer garage floor coating companies:

1. Chephren Building Solutions Inc.

Phone (587) 400-4027
RenovationFind Profile

Chephren Building Solutions services Edmonton, Calgary, and Red Deer for various construction needs. Chephren can take care of unique construction needs or basic home renovations. Their professional team of construction experts has over 20 years of experience with garage renovations and flooring in Red Deer. And they are an authorized installer of the Flexstone Liquid Coating system. Flexstone is a polyurethane-based coating with a select number of certified master installers in Canada. In addition, CBS employs certified master Flexstone installers who work with garage floors, basement floors, and decks. And lastly, Flexstone is durable and cost-effective.

In addition to Flexstone coating, CBS can include several other services to help spruce up your backyard. For example, they offer vinyl decking and are an authorized distributor of Duradek Vinyl in Edmonton. In addition, they can repair decks of any material, apply a waterproof coating, and install railings.

Key Services & Features

-Authorized dealer/installer of Duradek Vinyl (Edmonton) and Flexstone Liquid Coating Systems
-Flexstone garage floor coating
-Complete garage renovations
-Vinyl decking
-Interior and exterior railing installation
-Deck repairs and installation

Customer Feedback

Amazing experience dealing with Chephren Building Solutions, decided to use them after seeing the work they had done for two of my colleagues. I went with the flexstone product and had them come back to install their railing system. My deck looks absolutely beautiful and I am more than impressed with the end result. Special thank you to Brian, he was personable and provided exceptional customer service. Keep up the great work!

-Sankwa, Google

2. Garage Living

Phone 403-225-8484

Garage Living is a family-owned and operated company in Red Deer. The two owners have strong carpentry, construction, design, and real estate backgrounds. They put great thought and creativity into designing and renovating garages. They consider each step of the renovation process, from design to junk removal and cleanup.

In addition, their garage designs and renovations centre around their unique Floortex garage floor coating. They’ve created several inspirational designs around the garage floor coatings to help you create a new space in your garage and home. On top of garage floor coatings, they’ll assist with storage, shelving, and space-saving designs.

Key Services & Features

-Floortex garage floor coating
-Garage cabinet installation and design
-Garage storage solutions
-Complete garage renovations
-Junk removal
-Garage heating
-Floortex coating is backed by a 15-year warranty

Customer Feedback

The product is awesome and is a huge asset to our enclosed patio as well as the garage. The crew did a fantastic job and completed their assignment within the two day timeline. They were always ready to explain the stages of the floor laying and were tidy and efficient. There was a minimum amount of dust and all debris was cleaned up thoroughly once the bob was completed.

-Sheila, Facebook

3. Action Flooring & Designabilities 

Phone 587-815-0815

Action Flooring & Designabilities is Red Deer’s source for floors. They have 25 years of experience in design, sales, and floor installation. Plus, you can shop floor materials and tile products in their Red Deer showroom for DIY projects. Action Flooring offers top-to-bottom renovation services with the experience of working with various materials, including carpets,  hardwood, tile, and more. The most notable of those materials is epoxy floor coating. They have vast experience in creating beautiful epoxy basement floors in Red Deer. With Action’s design know-how and the versatility of epoxy floor coating, you can get any look you want!

Epoxy floor coating can have glitter. It can have swirls of multiple colours. It can create a smooth, metallic, or shiny look. And no matter the epoxy’s colours and characteristics, Action Flooring will pour and lay the coating to a seamless finish.

Key Services & Features

-Epoxy garage floor coating
-Complete garage renovations
-Custom cabinets and countertops
-Basement floor epoxy coating
-Commercial floor epoxy coating
-Digital Room Visualizer Tool
-Large store of flooring products like laminate, carpet, Marmoleum, vinyl, natural stone, and glass tile
-Offer financing

Customer Feedback

Best flooring company in Central AB. Looked at 6 different flooring companies as well as all hardware stores and couldnt compare. Great team, working with Tanya has been great. Awesome quality with pricing, alot of companies are good but few give support. Action Flooring gives that support above and beyond. Highly recommended! Thank you Ladies at Action Flooring!!!!

-Mike, Google

4. Zone Garage

Phone 587-457-9663

Zone Garage has an extensive line of garage floor and concrete coating. In addition to Zone Garage’s list of coating products, they also have an expert team of installers. They work with various floor coatings to bring you unique and stylish designs in residential or commercial spaces. If you have a basic concrete floor in your garage or basement, you have a few options with Zone Garage. They offer concrete polishing, too! And Zone uses an EZ Polish System, enabling you to dye the concrete. They have completed several epoxy floor coating projects and can help you find the perfect colour combination for different styles.

Beyond epoxy and concrete polishing, Zone Garage also works with ZG-SHIELD® POLYUREA and polyaspartic garage floor coatings. This floor coating can be applied in residential, commercial, and exterior spaces like a deck or patio.

Key Services & Features

-Epoxy garage floor coating
-Basement floor epoxy coating
-Commercial floor epoxy coating
-Concrete polishing
-An EZ Polish System for adding colour to polished concrete
-ZG-SHIELD® POLYUREA and polyaspartic garage floor coatings
-Concrete densifying and sealing

Customer Feedback

We use ZGCA for the second time in less than a year. They arrived when I asked, did great work and left a beautiful job. We didn’t shop around because we wanted only them because of the product and their work.

-Pat, Google



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5. Premier Garage

Phone 877-781-7011

Premier Garage in Red Deer is a family team of garage experts. In addition to installing garage floor coating in Red Deer, they also service small towns in Central Alberta. Those services include epoxy floor coating for both residential and commercial projects. And if you hire Premier for a garage or basement epoxy floor coating, they can help in other ways. For example, they can install garage storage, cabinets, or racks and coat the floor.

Premier Garage also installs flexible floor tiles in many colour choices.

Key Services & Features

-Epoxy garage floor coating
-Basement floor epoxy coating
-Commercial floor epoxy coating
-Flexible floor tiles in neutral or vibrant colour options
-Garage storage solutions
-Overhead storage rack installation
-Part of the Home Franchise Concepts Inc. family of brands
-Commercial storage solutions

Customer Feedback

Had my garage floor done July 18 & 19 2022. Great job, very happy with the final product. They use the latest in equipment to ensure little noise and no dusk. My garage is just as clean now as it was when they started. Highly recommended.

-Ted, Google

Choose the Best Garage Floor Coating Company in Red Deer

If you are looking for the best garage floor coating company in Red Deer, first decide on the best coating type! Your choice should depend on your budget, style, decor goals, and how you intend to use your basement or garage floors. You can also get these companies to assist with various other construction projects. This could include an additional garage and basement renovations, custom storage solutions, interior home renovations, or patio and deck construction.

When you choose a RenovationFind Certified garage floor coating company, you’ll find a company you can trust! We run extensive background checks that include checking for a business license, insurance, and WCB coverage. We run financial and legal background checks and monitor the companies to ensure compliance with our standards. While not every company on this list is RenovationFind Certified, we’ve chosen companies that are well-establish in Red Deer with positive reputations in the industry.

Get started on your project. Contact a RenovationFind Certified garage floor coating company today!


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