Boost curb appeal with new eavestroughs

Eavestroughs play a major role in your home’s drainage system. If they are in disrepair, they will fail to move water off the roof and away from the home. Damaged eavestroughs can result in water pooling around the house, which can lead to flooding and water damage. More than that, eavestroughs can play a significant role in how your home looks from the exterior. Choosing eavestroughs that will be the most aesthetically pleasing can boost curb appeal and resale value.

Chinook Exteriors in Calgary specialize in exterior renovations for eavestroughs, siding, soffit, and fascia. They share some tips for a new curb-appealing colour for your eavestroughs:

Don’t mix too many colours

If your siding, roof, and trim are all different colours, don’t choose a whole new colour for your eavestroughs. Too many different tones and shades, will turn your house into a mess of colours and not a feature blend. Instead, try to pick a colour that matches an existing one, and stick to the rule of three. If you do have room for a new colour, make sure it complements the other tones. Earthy homes work well with warm browns, creams, or whites. A grey or white house, though, will pair well with pale pastels such as blues or greens that will add a colourful trim.

Don’t be shy with a bold colour

You aren’t just limited to choosing a simple white or off-cream for your eavestroughs. Instead, use a bolder colour such as vibrant forest greens or dark nutmeg. Just make sure that the same colour appears somewhere else on your house, such as window trim or on the front door. Even pairing a bold colour with your yard, for example, from flower colours, is a great way to complement your landscape design. Not only will it boost curb appeal, but your home will definitely stand-out in your neighbourhood!

Match the siding

The safest way to choose an eavestrough colour is to match the colour to your siding. That is also a great way to make your eavestroughs less noticeable, as it will blend in with your siding. Either choose an exact colour match with your siding, or choose a shade slightly lighter. Matching colours is ideal if your siding is already a feature shade or focus for your home. You don’t want to have too many focal features, so stick with a simple eavestrough colour. As for a lighter shade, it’ll help draw out your siding a bit more by further complementing it.

Complement the roof

Your roof takes up a sizable portion of your home’s appearance, so use your eavestroughs to outline that feature. To pair the right colour, pick a shade from your roof and either darken or lighten it. For a grey roof, choose a slate or metallic grey to match. If your roof is brown, then either choose a richer brown or a lighter shade such as tan or clay. By working with your roof, your eavestroughs work as a complementary trim that keeps the focus on your roof.

Eavestroughs in Calgary

At Chinook Exteriors, they specialize in providing quality services for your exterior needs. From eavestroughs, siding, soffit, and fascia, Chinook Exteriors has a full range of services to suit your needs. Need installation or repair? They have the skills and experience to help handle the job.

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