Building a Secondary Suite

A secondary suite is a secondary dwelling built in your home or on your property. The most common type of secondary suites in Edmonton is the basement apartment. Garden suites are also increasing in popularity. Franken Homes in Edmonton specializes in new construction and major home renovations including legal secondary suites. They share some useful information:

What are the advantages of a secondary suite?

The biggest advantage of a secondary suite is the ability it gives homeowners to make additional income. Renting out your basement, garage or garden suite can provide a steady stream of revenue. Homeowners can use it to cover their mortgage, help pay for other living expenses or build their savings.

Secondary suites can also increase the value of your property. A legal suite will make your home attractive to smart buyers and investors if you ever decide to list your home. If the buyer doesn’t plan on renting it out, having a fully functional living space is still very attractive. Read about buying a home with a basement apartment.

Secondary suites are also beneficial to multi-generational families that want to live together but want their own space. They can also assist seniors or people with disabilities by providing independent living, within close proximity to a family member or care giver in the main dwelling.

Building a secondary suite is also beneficial to your neighbourhood. Having a range of housing choices in every neighbourhood helps create diverse and inclusive communities. It provides low income housing in desirable areas of the city, helps sustain existing infrastructure and decreases urban sprawl.

Building a secondary suite in Edmonton.

08-13307 KitchenSecondary suites are allowed in most residential zones in Edmonton, but specific development regulations apply. Every neighbourhood can have varying zoning bylaws so it’s important to understand what you can do on your property before getting started. You can find your property’s zoning designation at

When you hire Franken Homes, they will investigate this for you. They will take care of obtaining all permits required to build your legal secondary suite. For a secondary suite, the city requires both a Development Permit and a Building Permit. Regulations differ depending on the type of secondary suite (basement vs. garden suite), and a professional renovation company will ensure your property is eligible and that all permits are obtained before the project begins.

Major Home Renovations in Edmonton

Franken Homes is a family owned and operated boutique builder, specializing in new construction as well as legal secondary suites in the City of Edmonton and surrounding area. They will build a beautiful secondary suite that will attract renters, so you can start reaping the benefits of that extra rental income.

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