Day: May 27, 2019

When you have your windows replaced, the window openings will be uncovered for some time while the installers work. It’s the best idea to have them replaced during [...]

Two common types of insulation are spray foam insulation and batt insulation. GreenGuard in Winnipeg shares some information on these two options and why spray foam is the [...]

An exterior renovation can boost curb appeal, add property value and increase protection and energy efficiency for your home. When it comes to siding choices, your options are [...]

More homeowners are choosing to renovate their homes instead of moving. One of the biggest renovations you can do to improve your home is a basement renovation. You [...]

Painting your home is a great way to give it a whole new look, without an evasive and expensive home remodel. If you’re thinking about hiring painting contractors [...]

A secondary suite is a secondary dwelling built in your home or on your property. The most common type of secondary suites in Edmonton is the basement apartment. [...]

In Alberta, we depend on our furnace to keep our homes warm and comfortable. If your furnace quits in the middle of a cold, dark winter’s night you’re going [...]

   If you want to save money on your kitchen renovation, purchasing stock cabinets from IKEA is a good option. You’ve found cabinets you like, but feel overwhelmed [...]

You love your neighbourhood and your house, but wish it was more modern. Most older homes were not designed with an open concept layout. This layout has been [...]

There are many benefits of hiring a general contractor. They’ll help you with large home remodeling projects from conception to completion taking the stress out of multi-faceted home [...]