Siding in all shapes and sizes

An exterior renovation can boost curb appeal, add property value and increase protection and energy efficiency for your home. When it comes to siding choices, your options are many! Immortal Exteriors in Calgary are siding contractors. They share some tips on choosing the right siding for your exterior remodel:

Choose the colour first.

The colour of your siding will determine the entire look of your home’s façade. When choosing a colour for your new siding, consider the colours that are already present in your home that you don’t plan on changing. The colour of your roofing, trim, eavestroughs and landscaping should all flow will with your siding choice. If you need inspiration, look at some other homes on your street for colour schemes. You can also read 9 questions to ask when choosing siding colours.

Consider your home’s architecture.

When choosing siding, your home’s architecture will determine the profile of siding that will look best. Horizontal siding looks good with most home styles. Vertical siding profiles will catch the eye and make your home seem higher than it is. Vertical siding is a good choice for ranch-style or single-story homes.

Mix in shakes and natural stone.

Modern homes are often cladded with more than one type of siding. It’s typically to see main side exterior walls with horizontal siding, with shake siding installed at gables or other visually interesting areas of the home. Natural stone veneer is installed near entry ways and on columns, to add another design dimension to your curb appeal.  

Get advice from a siding contractor.

No one knows siding better than a professional that works with it day-in and day-out! If you’re struggling to choose the best style of siding for your exterior renovation, chat with the professionals at Immortal Exteriors. They will know what type, profile and colour of siding will best compliment your home’s unique style and design.

Siding contractors can also help you choose the siding material. Options including vinyl siding, fibre cement siding, wood and even stucco siding. Each option has it’s pros and cons, so it’s important to choose the siding material that will best protect your home while meeting your needs for budget and aesthetics.

Siding Contractors in Calgary

Immortal Exteriors are siding contractors serving Calgary and surrounding areas. New siding can help protect your home from the elements and improve energy efficiency. It will also boost curb appeal, add resale value to your home and give you a new-and-improved home you’ll love every day.

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