Cabinet Painting: DIY or Hire Professionals?

Cabinet painting, also knowns as cabinet refinishing, is a job many people attempt to complete on their own. However, there are a number of reasons why hiring a professional will get more bang for your buck. Plus, professionals will also leave your kitchen looking better than you could have imagined.

In this article, WET Paint Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Painting in Toronto shares more about their cabinet painting process and why choosing them is a better option than DIY.

Practice makes perfect

When it comes to painting cabinets, having experience makes all the difference. After all, even if you’ve worked on a few cabinets in the past, this won’t give you a leg up on professional cabinet painters. They can produce seamless results. They also know what to do if a cabinet needs a little more love before painting to give it that wow factor.

Owner of WET Paint Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Painting, Nasir Ishmail, started his professional painting services in 2008. He dedicates his full attention to kitchen and bathroom cabinet painting. As a result, his team of dedicated professionals delivers a finished product like no other.

Equipment and process

If you don’t want brush strokes to show up on your newly painted cabinets, you’ll need to spray paint. In turn, this means you’ll also need a dedicated workspace. The process required to remove your cabinets and paint them can also be long and arduous. If you’re doing this as a side project, you should expect it to take weeks or even months.

WET Paint Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Painting uses premium cabinet painting equipment and product. They have a streamlined process that includes removing doors and drawer panels. Next, they transport these cabinet parts to their facility to complete the work. From here, they will use special prepping and priming methods to get it ready for their spray booth. Your cabinets will receive three coats of premium paint before re-installation.

Design advice from professionals

Before you begin to paint your cabinets, there are some questions that will need answers. For one, do you have any cabinets that are too damaged and can’t be refinished? What paint should you use? How do you know you’re choosing the right colour? When you have professionals on your side, they will answer all these questions more easily and offer expert advice.

WET Paint Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Painting also offers its clients a free colour customizer service. This way, you can see how your cabinets will look painted before any work gets done. They can also provide a variety of new hardware for your cabinets and even install a soft-close feature!

Cabinet Refinishing in Toronto

WET Paint Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Painting dedicates its entire company to cabinet refinishing. They offer free in-house quotes as well as colour consultation. On top of this, they can provide minor cabinet modifications as well as repair damaged doors. WET Paint Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Painting can also convert solid door panels to glass doors. They are WSIB and liability insured. They serve the GTA as well as other parts of Southern Ontario.

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