Cabinet Refinishing vs. Cabinet Refacing

Your kitchen cabinets play a major role in how your kitchen looks and functions. If your cabinetry is looking worn out, damaged or dated, upgrade that alone can give your kitchen a whole new look. A full cabinet replacement is a very large investment and might not be in your kitchen renovation budget. That leaves you with two other options: cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing.

Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing your cabinets is when you keep your current cabinets, doors and all, but you refinish the exterior portions, like the doors, drawer fronts and exposed panels, with new stain or paint. You can only refinish your cabinets if they are made of solid wood. Since you can’t sand down or paint over laminate or metal surfaces very well, it works best with natural wood cabinets. New Look Cabinets in Calgary are experts in cabinet refinishing. They will remove the doors and drawer fronts, strip them of their existing finish and repaint them with the colour or stain shade of your choice.

Refinishing also includes the frame of the cabinets, exposed side panels and toe kicks, ensuring everything is the same. Then new, modern hardware will be installed on your cabinetry, giving them a completely new look.

Cabinet refinishing is the most affordable option. Expect to pay a mere fraction of the cost of a full custom cabinet replacement and about 60% of the cost of cabinet refacing. Check out these painted cabinet ideas for inspiration.

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is when you keep your existing cabinet boxes, but replace all the doors, drawer fronts and exposed panels with brand new materials. Homeowners choose to do this when their cabinet boxes are in good shape, but the doors are too damaged or too dated in style to refinish. It allows you to completely change the look of your kitchen without having to fork out for a cabinet replacement. Like cabinet refinishing, new hardware is often included to complete the renovation.

Cabinet refacing is more expensive than cabinet painting, but still less expensive than a replacement. According to this article, cabinet refacing costs about 14% of a custom cabinet replacement.

Cabinet Refinishing in Calgary

New Look Cabinets offers painting or refinishing services to Calgary and the surrounding area. They focus on customer service and quality workmanship and want you to fall in love with your new space. Whether you need a new paint job on your ceiling, walls, or furniture, or some touching up on your kitchen cabinets, they have the experience and top-quality products to revamp your home like never before.

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