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When you need to upgrade the electrical work in your home or business, you’ll want to use a trusted contractor for the job. However, figuring out how to [...]

Energy rates and bills seem to be soaring. But there are steps homeowners can take to slow or stop the increase in energy bills. One of the best [...]

Our electricity needs have changed over the years. Consequently, many homes now need to use more electricity than what their electrical systems were built for. If you live [...]

Home automation isn’t only reserved for the rich and tech-savvy. Its technology is becoming more popular and more affordable amongst homeowners everywhere. It’s no surprise, either. There continue [...]

A faulty and poorly maintained electrical system puts you and your family in danger. It’s also more expensive, less efficient, and can shorten the lifespan of your appliances. [...]

Electrical work is something that requires careful planning and a special skill set to be done efficiently. When you need electrical repairs or a new installation, find a [...]

Homes use more electricity than they did before. Unfortunately, the electrical power systems installed several decades ago are no longer providing the electrical capacity modern homes require. As [...]

Upgrading your home can also mean upgrading your electrical service. Appliances and devices that require more power might cause your current system to underperform or overload. Understanding your [...]

A whole house surge protector will protect your devices, appliances, and electronics from power surges in the electrical system. It is attached to your electrical panel and can [...]

It’s no secret that some contractors are hard to rely on. Some people end up overpaying for services, and others wonder if their project is up to code [...]