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When you need to upgrade the electrical work in your home or business, you’ll want to use a trusted contractor for the job. However, figuring out how to repair or install new electrical on your own has many risks and can also be dangerous. This is why researching a contractor with all the necessary certifications and years of experience is so important.

Owner of A&E Electrical Solutions in Calgary, Matt Price, brings over twenty-five years of experience to the electrical trade. He is also an Alberta-certified Master Electrician. In this article, his company shares a few examples of electrical solutions they can provide for your home or business.

Electrical solutions for the home

You can bring a vast range and variety of electrical solutions to your home. A contractor can get creative with upgrades and offer straightforward fixes for much-needed repairs. Before you reach out to your contractor, do some research to get an idea of your tastes. If you’d like to upgrade your lighting, look at various lighting designs to see what piques your interest.

Maybe your heart is set on a new entertainment system in your family room or basement? If this is the case, your contractor can do the necessary work to install surround sound and other features. And don’t forget smart home automation! There are a variety of smart home solutions an electrician can bring to your home.

No matter what may be needed, reach out to your contractor with all your ideas. Then your contractor can assess possibilities and offer quotes for the work you’re interested in having done.

Electrical solutions for your business

First and foremost, you want to ensure that all the electrical at your business is up to code (this goes for your residential property, too!). Sometimes, before you consider any future work, reaching out to a trusted electrician for an inspection is a good idea. This way, you can rest assured that your business is safe and covered should an accident happen. Once this step is complete, looking at the design and build of your electrical system, and taking stock of possible upgrades, will be easier to navigate.

There are several services an experienced electrician can provide for your commercial property. For example, emergency lighting and conduit mapping. Another option might be to have your electrician assess your lighting layout and discuss the improvements that can be made.

Furthermore, if you have customers interacting with your place of business, the look and feel of your space are of the utmost importance. Lighting plays a significant role here. Excellent lighting can also increase product sales. On top of this, remember to ask your contractor about the maintenance services they can provide. This way, you will always have a trusted electrician for your needs.

Electricians in Calgary

A&E Electrical Solutions offers a wide range of electrical services for both residential and commercial needs. They also provide luxury upgrades for property owners looking to take their electrical systems and designs to the next level. In addition, A&E Electrical Solutions can offer maintenance services, wiring, and installations. They also boast approved vendor status with many residential custom homebuilders and commercial contractors. Last but certainly not least, A&E Electrical Solutions also has Baeumler Approved Certification and is RenovationFind Certified.

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