Clean, soft, pure water through water treatment systems

When thinking about the plumbing system in your home, how often do you think about the water? Outside of good water pressure and flow, little other thought is often given to the water. Poor water systems, however, can lead to impure or hard water and can cause damage to the pipes.

Ritz Mechanical Services in Edmonton is a family-owned and operated company offering complete plumbing services. They share the value of water treatments and on-demand water heaters for your home:

Signs of poor water quality

If you aren’t sure about the quality of your water, take the time to check. Poor quality can lead to health issues like stomach pains or damage to your hair if the water is high in minerals. To start, check the smell for a faint chlorine scent. While some chlorine is added to water lines to kill bacteria, too much is dangerous and may cause skin or eye irritation. Sulphur smells like rotten eggs is another sign that your water needs treatment. Low water pressure or a metallic taste could also mean that pipes are clogged or corroded. That often happens when scale and sediment have built up in the pipes, which can be addressed with water treatment. 

Invest in a water purification and softener system

Water treatment systems are installed to remove and reduce any contaminants from the water. A Reverse Osmosis System is one such system that uses various filters to purify water as it travels through the pipes. The systems are typically installed in the kitchen, bathroom sink, or fridge with a water dispenser. Impurities that are removed include traces of detergents, lead, sulphates, nitrates, chlorine and more.

Water softeners are another way to extract minerals from tap water, specifically calcium and magnesium. For example, if you notice a film after washing your hands, spots on glasses or silverware or dried-out hair, it’s a sign of high minerals. Water softeners can address that problem, while a treatment system will keep it clear. You’ll find detergent is easier to wash out with softer water. It’s also easier on your plumbing and appliances. In addition, soft water can improve dry and irritated skin and hair. 

Upgrade the hot water heater

While upgrading your home’s water, consider also upgrading your water heater. A new system overall is a great combination that can significantly benefit your home. On-demand water heaters only heat water when and as needed instead of storing it in a large heated tank. These long-lasting models provide endless hot water instead of a set, stored amount. It’s also a greener option as it consumes much less fuel and wastes less heat when warming the water. These two-in-one upgrades are valuable changes offering endless and clean hot water. 

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