Comparing common types of commercial doors

Commercial doors can cover a wide range of products and uses. But no matter whether a commercial door or garage door’s purpose, it needs to work correctly. Commercial doors usually protect people and property, so understanding the regular maintenance requirements is often as important as knowing the common types.

Craftsmen Overhead Doors in Coquitlam are a full-service garage door company with commercial and residential services. They specialize in servicing commercial doors, installations, and preventative maintenance. Below are the common types of commercial doors they work with and the benefits of regular maintenance.


A gate is often installed for security purposes. And no wonder, as they provide many benefits. Security gates create a physical barrier and deter theft. Entrance gates can also be a valuable addition to a home, apartment parking, office building, or strata. Craftsmen offer installations for security gates of all sizes, including shutters and window grills, but also essential maintenance.

A malfunctioning security gate can cause significant problems. Mainly, it would remove all sense of security, or it can lock people and cars out of buildings! With Craftsmen, you can schedule cleaning, inspections, lubrication service, and more.

Fire doors

You can have different types of fire door (or fire-rated door) materials, but steel is often the top choice. When you compare the steel’s price to its durability and high fire resistance, it becomes clear why it is a top choice. There are wooden fire-rated doors as well, which have a core made of fire-resistant material, like gypsum. Count on Craftsmen for professional fire door installations and regular service, so you know your doors are always up to code and safe.

Steel gates and doors

Thanks to its longevity and durability, steel is a common gate and door material. Rolling steel gates, or slide gates, are great for securing the large commercial property. And the smaller steel shutters are perfect for securing smaller businesses like retail shops. But, of course, steel is also useful for fire doors or simply any door. Craftsmen can assist with installations, repairs, and inspections to avoid future issues with any type of steel gate or door.

Garage Doors in Coquitlam

Commercial doors and security gates are crucial to any building and its planning. Garage and warehouse doors, security gates, and fire doors exist to keep people and property safe. There are a variety of commercial doors, and Craftsmen Overhead Doors can ensure your doors are installed and maintained to the highest standards.

Contact Craftsmen Overhead Doors today for commercial door repairs, service, or installation!

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