Combine your kitchen and bathroom renovations

Kitchen and bathroom renovations add significant value to your home, so why choose between the two? Instead of starting with just one, combine the two renovations and enjoy twice the value. With the correct planning, you’ll save more time and costs and save on the stress of two projects. 

Samrad Renovation in Vancouver is a professional home renovations company that offers a wide range of construction and remodelling services. They share the benefits of combining your bathroom and kitchen renovation projects:

Boosts your home value

Both the kitchen and bathroom add great value to your home, so why not enjoy the combined benefits? You don’t have to undergo a luxury splurge to get a great return on your investment. According to Remodel Magazine 2021, a mid-range bathroom remodel will recoup 60% of the cost, and a minor kitchen renovation can recoup 72.2%. Tackling two of the hot spots in your home will certainly make your home a market contender that buyers will notice. Even if you don’t sell right away, you can still enjoy the function and beauty of your new space.

Organize your home

Optimizing the kitchen and bathroom layout in your home helps organize your home life much more. The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in any home, which makes having it organized important to daily life. Reworking your kitchen, adding more storage, or a better layout will make your kitchen a real focal point.

It’ll also make it much more enjoyable to entertain friends or host dinners in your updated space. That same enjoyment goes for the bathroom, whether it’s a master bathroom or a main floor one. Having an organized bathroom helps you get a better start to the day by enjoying a clean and clutter-free space. 

Double your energy efficiency

One of the benefits of remodelling is the chance to upgrade your appliances and add some money-saving changes. In both spaces, add low-flow faucets, LED bulbs, upgrade the wiring and look into high-efficient appliances. Even a few minor changes can make a big difference in your monthly utility bills. That way, you can enjoy more time in your bathroom or kitchen without the overconsumption of water or power. 

Keep your home safe

Aside from the loss of appeal and value from an outdated space, it’s also a matter of safety. Unproperly grounded electrical outlets, old slippery tile flooring, or outdated appliances are all safety risks that a renovation can fix. It’s also a great chance to think about aging-in-place upgrades that likewise play into safety. Getting rounded countertop corners or accessible light switches are practical, safe, and stylish additions.

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations in Vancouver

Samrad Renovations prides itself on being informative, professional, and trustworthy in every project from start to finish. Their team brings years of experience and expertise that guarantee peace of mind and quality results. You can trust their team to produce beautiful craftsmanship and excellent customer service for your home renovations. 

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