Consider These Repairs Before Installing a New Garage Door

garage door repair in Edmonton

Just like any mechanical system, your garage door will require regular maintenance and occasional repairs. Companies like Perfection Overhead Doors in Spruce Grove offer service to your garage door so you can take care of those needed repairs without having to swallow the expense of a full garage door replacement. Here are some things you can fix before resorting to a new garage door:

Damaged Track

If something has slammed into your garage door track, it could become bent. Even a little bend can cause your garage door to stop operating properly. This could be a quick and easy fix. In some cases, you can gently knock it back into place with a rubber mallet. If not, you can trust the pros at Perfection Overhead Doors to straighten it out and get your garage door running smoothly on it’s track.

Broken Cable

If your garage door cable is broken, it might stop your garage door from slamming shut expectantly if your spring goes. If your cables or rollers have signs of damage or loose roller bearings, always contact a company for garage door repair in Edmonton! Do not attempt to do this job yourself. These components are under extreme tension and could cause serious injury or even death if something goes wrong.

Busted Spring

A broken spring might be the most common garage door repair. You open and close your garage door several times a day and that can add up to thousands of times a year. Just like anything, it gets damaged from regular wear and tear. If you are hearing a metal screeching sound or notice that something is obviously broken, call in the pros at Perfection Overhead Doors for repair and do not attempt to do this yourself. These parts are under extreme tension and just like garage cables, can cause serious injury if they snap out unexpectedly.

Learn more about how to maintain your garage door.

Garage Doors & Repair in Edmonton

Perfection Overhead Doors was established in 2005 and are a small family owned and operated company that continues to grow in the Edmonton area. They offer full service, garage door repair in Edmonton and sell a number of different products for commercial and residential garage door installations. They strive to provide quality craftsmanship and quality service and offer services 24/7.

Need garage door repair? Contact Perfection Overhead Doors!

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