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If you want to enhance your outdoor living space, this summer is a great time to do it. With having to stay close to home, you can enjoy the benefits of that additional living space. There are so many custom landscaping ideas that can change your front or backyard, bringing the interior to the exterior. From the landscapers at Year-Round Landscaping in Calgary, here are some custom pieces to consider adding to your home’s landscaping.

Custom carpentry

Custom carpentry is a great starting point for any outdoor builds or features you’re looking to add. This can include features such as a new fence, deck, porch, pergolas, or different furniture. You have lots of choices when it’s custom since the features are built to be unique to your plan for your outdoor living space. A new structure can also be made of any material you want, including cedar and pine. Installing hardscaping like a deck, gazebo, planters, or furniture can be used as a baseline for further projects.

Water features

Water features can give an entirely different feel to an outdoor space. Installing something like a pond or a fountain can make your yard feel more serene. They can also be decorated with different stones, flowers, plants, and other custom details to make the water feature your own, and a great outdoor landscaping project. Choose from a simple fountain or small waterfall, or install an elaborate pond and create a focal point in your landscaping. You’ll love listening to the sound of moving water as you relax in the yard.

Fireplaces or fire pits

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are a great place for your family to spend time together. Fireplaces can come in many different forms, whether you’re looking for something more modern or rustic. Having a fire pit with designated seating around it will create another space for spending time with others. Enjoy those warm summer nights by the fire, and don’t forget the marshmallows!

Outdoor kitchen

Take the backyard barbeque to the next level with a custom outdoor kitchen. Building off of a porch, deck, or patio, you’ll be able to cook and entertain while taking advantage of the good weather. Your outdoor kitchen can have different features including a BBQ, stove, fridge, and electrical outlets for any other appliances you may need. When designing the outdoor kitchen, you also get to choose the countertops and layout of your kitchen to fit your needs, as well as the look of your home.

Landscapers in Calgary

Year-Round Landscaping is committed to meeting the growing landscape design and construction needs in Calgary and Southern Alberta. Through their experience, customer service, and pricing, they aim to remain a top competitor in the industry.

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