Different Types of Drywall and Their Benefits

Installing drywall can be an exciting part of a home renovation because you’re that much closer to completing the project. However, some homeowners may not know that there are many different kinds of drywall. Each comes with their own benefits, giving you more choice than you may have originally thought. Here are the different types of drywall and their benefits from Emerte Ltd. in Edmonton.

White board drywall

White board drywall is the kind of drywall you’re most likely to see in homes. It comes in large panels that can easily be cut into different sizes to fit your walls, even in awkward corners and spaces. It’s reliable to use in your home but may not come with other features you might be looking for. It’s the standard, but there are more options available.

Green board drywall

Some walls in your home are prone to get wet, rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, or laundry room. Green board drywall is a more moisture-resistant type of drywall that can withstand water and not damage as easily than white board drywall would. It may be a pricier option, but it will keep your walls safe and last a long time.

Blue board drywall

Taking the green board drywall a step further, the blue board drywall has higher water resistance. It also protects against mold or other water damage that may occur. Again, this is commonly used in rooms that are more likely to have water spillages, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Paperless drywall

Similarly to the green board and blue board, it has water and mold resistance. However, this kind of drywall is built a little differently. It uses fiberglass that gives it the extra shielding which also gives it a bit of texture. It will need to be finished, but once it is it will last for many years to come.

Soundproof drywall

Soundproof drywall has extra layers built in to lessen the amount of sound passing through walls. It’s made with fibers, like the paperless option, wood, and other polymers. It’s a stiffer drywall material, so cutting it will be more challenging than something like white board drywall. However, the extra work will be worth it when will durable, longlasting, and noise-proof walls.

Drywall Contractors in Edmonton

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